Wednesday 21 September 2016

Social Studies Explore Tubs - Community

Here are the theme topics that we study each month:

December - Social Studies: Christmas Around the World
January - Science: Five Senses
February - Social Studies: Canada
March - Health: Nutrition
April - Science: Objects & Materials and
Health - Dental Health
May - Social Studies: Community
June - Science: Living Things

This is my last post on Explore Tubs! In May, we study our community, community helpers, and mapping. We usually go on a community field trip too! Last year we went to a nursery, a pasta factory, a newspaper, a gym, and an arts council. It was so much fun! Here is a look at the Explore Tubs we played with during this Social Studies unit:

*Community Books: Follow That Map, Looking at Maps and Globes, Me on the Map, Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do, Whose Hat is This?, Mapping Penny's WorldThere's a Map on My Lap!, All Through My Town, Community Helpers from A to Z, Community Helpers 8-Book Set

*Community Helper Playdough Mats {by me on TpT}
*Play-Doh {from Amazon}

*Community Helpers Picture Sort {by me on TpT}

*Map Making Kit {from Differentiation Station Creation on TpT}
*Melissa & Doug Wooden Vehicles & Traffic Signs {from Scholar's Choice}
*Printable Roads, Lakes, etc. {freebie from me here}

*Small Foam Globes {from Dollarama or Michaels}
*Land or Water? Tally Mark Chart {freebie from me here}: Laminate. Students can play by themselves or with a partner. They throw the ball, catch it, and see where their right thumb lands. They make a tally mark if it lands on land or water.
*Dry Erase Markers

*Community Helpers Matching Puzzles {from Scholar's Choice}

*Community Helper Board Game {by me on TpT}

You can read more about my other Explore Tubs here:

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