Friday 30 September 2011

Math Stations - Set 1

Another busy week... I can't believe September is done! October is going to be just as busy! I have three and a half inservice days, picture day, Thankgiving (Canadian style), and Halloween. Where am I suppose to teach in there??

Well, this week we started our math stations and the kids are LOVING them! They ask about them every day. I wish we had time every day! They are very hands on and lots of fun! Most of the activities come from other great bloggers, so I'll share links to them!

Here is what the tubs look like. I bought 10 Sterilite snap-lid containers to store all of the materials in.

For my work board I just display them on my whiteboard with magnetic tape. Love that stuff! Each day we do math stations, I just move the number cards around. I keep the groups to 2-3 students. We are starting with one station a day, but I made a second set of numbers in case we ever have time for two stations a day.

Now onto my first set of stations. I am focusing on number and counting right now. All of the stations have a recording sheet to go with the hands on activity, but I am saving those for the second time around with the same stations. I want the students to really get a chance to explore the activities before completing the recording sheets. For most stations, I make three versions of each activity so each group member has their own set. I put each set into a large ziplock bag and tape the label/directions to the front of the bag.

Station #1: All Boxed Up! from Cara Carroll's (The First Grade Parade) Ready, Set, Learn! {Back To School Math & Literacy Activities} Unit ---> click here to purchase

I love Cara's unit. Such fun activities for back to school! My kids love the crayon activity. They have to match up number words, numbers, tally marks, and ten frames. The numbers range from 5-20, but I just included the numbers 5-10 for right now. I can add the harder ones in later. She also has a recording sheet to go with it. All I did was make a label for the bag. Download here.

Station #2: Spill the Beans

Students shake a cup of 10 double-sided bean counters. They colour in how many landed red and write a number sentence to go with it.

I also have versions for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Download the game and label for each of them below. {The first set of pages use the Canadian spelling of "colour".}

{As per a request, the next set of game pages use the American spelling of "color".}

Spill the Beans 5
Spill the Beans  6
Spill the Beans 7
Spill the Beans  8
Spill the Beans 9
Spill the Beans 10

Station #3: Counting Cups (inspired by Sarah Cooley over at First Last!)

I put a different number of objects (shells, beads, rocks, pom poms, buttons, etc.) in each cup. Students count the objects and write the number on the recording sheet. Click here for recording sheet and label. 

Station #4: Ordering Numbers by Mrs. Magee (First Grade Brain) ---> download numbers 0-15 free here

Such a cute station idea from Mrs. Magee. I love the clipart! In her freebie of numbers 0-15, you get the work mats and card as well as two different worksheets. You can also purchase her unit with numbers up to 110.

Station #5: Race to Trace from Shari Sloane ---> downlad this and other great math games here

I laminate the game boards and include dry-erase crayons and dice. Students take turns rolling a dice and tracing that number. The first student to complete their page wins the race! You can use the game board as the recording sheet--just have students use crayons or makers on the paper. Download the label here.

Station #6: Playdoh Numbers

What a great sensory approach to practicing numbers. I think this is one of my students' favourite stations. Download number cards, recording sheet, and label here.

Station #7: Buggy Friends Count by Tens by Ms. Arnold ---> download this freebie here


Big thanks for this freebie! Students put these cute tens bugs in order then complete the recording sheet with the missing numbers. Check out Ms. Arnold's other great items over at her TpT store. She has a super sweet Back to School Math Fun unit that I will be using for future stations.

Station #8: Unifix Cube Patterns

I used these awesome unifix cube pattern cards from Jennifer Meacham's site (download here). Students love building patterns with these blocks. You can download my recording sheet and label here.

{As per a request, here is the version using the American spelling of "color"--download here.}

Station #9: Ten Frame War

Students play war with Power of Ten cards. There is a single person recording sheet (students have to colour the ten frames and circle the one with the most) and label you can download here.

{As per a request, here is the version using the American spelling of "color"--download here.}

Station #10: Clothespin Math inspired by Cara Carroll's (The First Grade Parade) ---> download her freebie here

I loved Cara's idea and her cute polka dot letters, but I needed some simple numbers for my kids. You can download my number cards and label here. Cara also included a good recording sheet with her clothespin cards.

Well, I think that is enough rambling for now! I hope you can use some of these ideas. Also, many thanks to all the fabulous bloggers out there who have shared such FANTASTIC ideas with the teaching world. I can't express how much I have learned from everyone out there! Keep sharing and happy weekend everyone! :)

Thursday 29 September 2011

Some Randomness!

Here are some random ideas from the past few weeks....

So, I have a REALLY challenging bunch of firsties. Lots of behaviour issues, so we spend a lot of time practicing behaviours and expectations. One thing we did this week is talk about being a good listener. I read this book:

Then I showed the students this picture of a student. I got the clipart from here, put the image on my projector, and traced/coloured it. I asked the students what they noticed about this boy and how was he being a good listener at the carpet. I taped the cards to the poster as the students noticed those things. One student said his brain was thinking about what was going on. I thought that was super cute so I added it to my list of cards! If you would like the labels you can download them here. I keep this poster by the carpet area all the time so I can refer back to it everyday!

Today was our school-wide Terry Fox Run (for all you Canadian followers). My little ones did really good with the 45 minute walk to the park. They were a TEENSY bit tired on the way back though! Yesterday we talked about who Terry Fox was and why we do the run every year. There is a really good video about Terry Fox on YouTube. Click the picture for the link!

I found this sneaker activity on Scholastic (download here). We each decorated a sneaker and cut them out to show our support for the Terry Fox Run. They look pretty good up there all together!

I loved this management idea from First Grade Glitter and Giggles. My first graders are always asking "Can I use markers?" or "What do I do first?" I have a label for all the supplies we use and put them up in order of which supplies I want them to use first. Feel free to download the label cards here. Just laminate and stick some magnetic tape on the back!

American spelling of "color" can be downloaded {here}.

Here is another behaviour management ideas... I had A LOT of tattling going on the first few weeks. So I read the book "How to Be a Friend" by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown. We talked about ways to be a friend and ways to NOT be a friend. We did some role playing with some common conflicts (name calling, not sharing, cutting in line, etc.) Then we talked about the plan:

 1. Stop what is going on.
2. Talk about the problem.
"I don't like it when you _______."
3. Fix it!

  Download the pictures and signs here.

All I need to do now is say, "Stop, Talk, Fix!" and they know that they have to try and solve their own conflict!

Well, that's all I have for tonight! To come tomorrow.... Math Stations - Set 1!

Good night, everybody!

Sunday 25 September 2011

What Have We Been Up To...

I can't believe how time just flies by in grade one! There is only one week left in September, can you believe it? According to our daily calendar, we have only been in school for 12 days so far, but it feels like I have known these little ones forever! Well we have had a busy week and I know next week is going to be even busier! So many unexpected meetings, inservices, and other events that keep popping up! But now that I have a moment to catch my breath, here are some things we did this week!

Theme: Seasons

In both our Science and Social Studies, we talking about the four seasons and seasonal changes. We start off by talking about the seasons. I like Gail Gibbon's "The Reason for the Seasons." I also discovered that my kids LOVE sesame street videos and they have some really great ones that go with your themes. I found  this cute one called "Eating Cookies All Year". I love Cookie Monster!! Click on the pic for the link.

Each day of the week we focused on a different season and completed an anchor chart. I forgot to take pictures, but the name of the season went in the middle and the chart paper was divide into four sections. We brainstormed the months of that season, what the weather was like, the clothes we wear in that season, and activities we like to do in that season. You can download the titles for the anchor charts by clicking on the picture below.

Here is what our completed anchor charts looked like (excuse my messy, slanty writing... I need to work on that!)

The first season we talked about was fall (because we're in it!) After our anchor chart was complete, we did a little fall art project. I photocoped this bare tree onto thicker manilla tag paper, then students painted fall coloured leaves onto it using q-tips! They had so much fun with this and it was a really easy art project to set up! Click the picture to download the template.

The next day we talked about winter. We watched Bert in this cute little video called "All Dressed Up". Click for the link.

We completed a little picture sort. Students coloured the little circles, then cut them out and glued them on the correct season on the chart. Click the pic to download!

Again, another cute Sesame Street video for spring. This one is "Spring is Here."

Then we created spring umbrellas. These were inspired by Cara's Onomatopoeia Umbrellas (just tweaked for our season study). The tops of the umbrella were made from scrapbook paper. The handle was brown construction paper. On each of the raindrops, students wrote and drew four things that they liked about spring. They turned out super cute. Here's my example:

And for our last season: summer! I read the story "Beach Day" by Patricia Lakin. We completed our summer anchor chart and then graphed our favourite season. I use a graph pocket chart and just printed out the title and option cards. The yellow cards each have my students names on the front and magnets on the back. You can download the graph cards here. (US version of favorite here.)

Wow! Us Canadians sure do like out winter! (Even with -40°C weather and snow up to our eyeballs!) After we graphed our favourite season, we watched another cute Sesame Street video called "Guess the Season." Kids really liked this one!

After that, students completed a page for a class book. The page says "I like [insert favourite season here] because ___________." and they draw a picture to go with it. You can download the title page and student page for the book by clicking either picture. (US version of favorite here.)

This week we also started "Read to Self" for our Daily 5 time. We created our I-chart, practiced building our stamina, talked about where to sit (no, the dark closet is NOT a good place to read...), and did the I PICK lesson. Students are loving this reading time so far! I also started the school year off reviewing the colours. I love love LOVE the Color Day Fun unit from Made for 1st Grade. I have used lots of activities from that unit. On yellow day, we read "Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes" because Pete rides a big yellow bus to school. We followed the directions in the unit to make our own school buses. They are so simple but turned out super cute!

Look at Pete sitting in the back of this student's bus. How cute!

Next week our theme is weather and we will be starting our math centres. I will post about these both next week! Happy Monday tomorrow, everybody!

Sunday 11 September 2011

More "All About Me"

This week we will be continuing our "All About Me" study. On Monday, we will talk about feelings. I love reading this ABC book called "Have You Ever Noticed? An A-Z Look at FEELINGS and ACTIONS!" by Ray Ali and Rudy Ambtman.

Some other good books to read about feelings are:

Students will each get their own "My Feelings" book. We will read the sentences together and then students will draw their face for each feeling. Click the picture to download.

The next day we will talk about our family. We will read the book "Who's In a Family?" by Robert Skutch. We will talk about who is in our families and make an anchor chart with family vocabulary (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma...)

As you can tell, I love using read alouds to teach concepts. They always lead to such great discussions and text-to-self connections. Here are some other good family read aloud books:

I will have students draw a picture of their family and label the people in their picture. I will ask them to just draw the people who live in their house (yes, pets included). Click on the pic to download.

I love talking about all the special things each kid can do. We had a whole school assembly on Friday and one of the themes was the multiple intelligences and how everyone is smart in some way. They had a staff member represent each intelligence in some way. When we went back to the room, I talked about it with my first graders and how everyone is good at something, but everyone can work hard to get better at other things. This will go well with our "I Can" lesson. I love the classic story "The Little Engine That Could". After reading it, students will create their own train book. On each page, students will complete the sentence starter "I can..." Click the pic to download.

After reading Mercer Mayer's "When I Get Bigger", I will ask my students what they might want to be when they get bigger. I will record everyone's responses on chart paper then have students complete a page to put together in a class book. I have included the title page and student work page. Click either pic to download.

We will be doing "All About Me" glyphs on Friday. I will take some pictures to show you how they turn out!

Have a great week everybody!