Thursday 24 March 2016

Explore Tubs for Living Things {with freebies}

Sorry for those of you waiting on my last post about Explore Tubs! This pregnant-teacher-momma has a hard time staying up past 7pm most nights!! lol. But I am back today to share my plans for my last science unit--Characteristics and Needs of Living Things. After Spring Break I will be doing a short Objects & Materials unit, then diving into Living Things! Here are some things I've been collecting...

Explore Tub 1: Living and Non-living Things

*Tub of random toys from dollar store, home, classroom, nature, etc.
*Living Things and Non-living Things Cards {free here}--Students sort the random objects into the two categories.
*Living Things Sorting Game {by me on TpT}--I used sticky velcro dots to make my sorting game. Students sort the picture cards by what it is: people, animals, plants, and non-living.
*Books about living things: Are You Living?, What's Alive?, Living and Nonliving, I Am a Living Thing, Is It a Living Thing?

Explore Tub 2: Plant Centre

*Seed Matching Activity--Buy a bunch of packs of seeds and small clear containers. Put the seeds in the containers, laminate the seed pouches, and label the containers and pouches so that students can try to match up which seed is which!
*Parts of Plants and Needs of Plants {free here}--Add sticky velcro to make it a matching activity.
*Bean Life Cycle by Safari Ltd. {from Michaels or Amazon}
*Books about plants: Seeds, Roots, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Stems

Explore Tub 3: Insect Centre

*Insect Toob by Safari Ltd {from Michaels} or any toy bugs from dollar store, etc.
*Variety of bug viewers/tools from dollar store, Michaels, etc.
*Butterly Life Cycle by Safari Ltd. {from Michaels or Amazon}
*Cootie Bug Game {Walmart}
*Books about insects: Spiders, On Beyond Bugs, Fly Guy Presents: Insects, What Is an Insect?, Magic School Bus Presents Insects, From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Explore Tub 4: Habitat Centre

*Four different habitat sensory bins:

  • Farm: yellow dyed rice, plastic farm animals (dollar store or Michaels)
  • Forest: green dried split peas, blue stones (dollar store), rocks (dollar store), North American Wildlife Toob (Michaels), Tree Toob (Michaels)
  • Ocean: blue dyed rice, blue glass gems (dollar store), Ocean Toob (Michaels)
  • Arctic: cotton balls, clear glass gems (dollar store), blue stones (dollar store), Arctic Animals Toob (Michaels)

*Books about habitats: Where Do Animals Live?, Animal Habitats, An Ocean of Animals, The Arctic Habitat, A Forest Habitat, Farm Animals

Explore Tub 5: Animal Centre

*Animal Track Book {by me on TpT}--Students can practice matching the animal tracks to the animals.
*Animal Movement Cards {free here}--Use the cards as is or place in a make-your-own dice such as these. Students pick a card or roll the dice and make the movement like that animal.
*Books about animals: How Do Animals Move?, How and Why Do Animals Move?, Big Tracks, Little Tracks, Whose Tracks Are These?, Move!, Who Was Here?

Explore Tub 6: Human Centre

*Magnetic Skeleton {from Scholastic Spring Catalogue 2016 or free printable here}--Students can practice putting the skeleton together and labeling the bones.
*Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Play Set {from Amazon}
*My Body Puzzle Set {from Amazon}
*Books about the body: My Amazing Body, Me and My Amazing Body, The Best Part of MeThe Magic School Bus Inside the Human BodyYour Skin Holds You InInside Your Outside

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