Tuesday 20 September 2016

Health Explore Tubs - Dental Health

Here are the theme topics that we study each month:

December - Social Studies: Christmas Around the World
January - Science: Five Senses
February - Social Studies: Canada
March - Health: Nutrition
April - Science: Objects & Materials and
Health - Dental Health

April is Dental Health month! We spend a couple of weeks talking about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. This transitions perfectly into our community helpers unit in May! Here are some simple Explore Tub ideas for our Dental Health study:

*Happy and Sad Tooth Sort {freebie by me here}

*Dental Health Board Game {by me on TpT}

*White Unifix Cubes or Wooden Cubes Painted White
*Number Cube and Plus or Minus Cube: Use foam or wooden cubes and write three plus signs and three minus signs on one cube and the numbers 1-6 on the other cube.
*Mouth Game Board {freebie by me here}: Students start with an empty mouth board. They roll the two cubes and either add or take away teeth based on the plus or minus sign.

*Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Set {from Amazon}

*Guess Who? Smile Edition Matching Game: Take close up pictures of students' heads. On one card crop just the mouth with the words "Guess Who?" and on the other card put the student's name and picture. Students can practice matching up the smiles! 

*Dental Health Bingo {by me on TpT}
*Unifix Cubes or Bingo Chips

You can read more about my other Explore Tubs here:

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