Friday 29 May 2015

Explore Tubs for Weather & Seasons {with Freebies}

Here are some more Explore Tub ideas! Explore Tubs are like early finisher tubs in Science class for when students finish their Interactive Science Journal page. You can read more about the tubs {here} and see my Senses tub ideas {here}. I will change these six tubs out with each unit. I teach four units in Science: Weather & Seasons, Five Senses, Objects & Materials (although I usually combine the Senses and Objects & Materials units together), and Living Things. These are my Weather & Season explore tub ideas!

*Four Seasons Floor Puzzles by Lakeshore Learning
*Four Seasons Picture Sort {by me on TpT}--I used sticky velcro dots to make my sorting game. Students sort the picture cards by which season they would do the activity.

*Animals That Hibernate, Adapt, and Migrate Posters {download free here}--I copy the posters back-to-back so one side is blank and one side has the animal pictures. Then I have a variety or small plastic animal toys that the students can sort onto the pictures. They can use the blank side for a challenge, or match the toys to the pictures for an easier task.
*Books about hibernation, migration, and adaptations: All About Hibernation, Bear Snores On, Animals in Winter, Migration, A Den Is a Bed for a Bear!, Animals in Fall, Sleep Big Bear, When Will It Snow?, Very Hairy Bear, The Busy Little Squirrel, Over and Under, and Why Do Animals Hibernate?

*Weather Bingo Game {by me on TpT}--A game for up to six players to practice weather vocabulary.
*Dress for the Weather Bulletin Board Set from Amazon--I laminated all the pieces of the kid and clothing, attached the kid to a cookie sheet, and put magnets on the back of the clothing pieces. I made {these cards} to go with the centre so students choose a weather card and dress the kid up for that weather!
*Books about weather: What Will the Weather Be Like Today?, Weather, Raindrop Plop!, Weather Watching, What's the Weather?, Split! Splat!, Weather Words, Like a Windy Day.

*Cloud View Finders {free from this blog}--I attach the view finders to a popsicle stick. Students can look out the window and try to identify types of clouds.
*Cloud Mat {free from here} and White Play-Doh. I print the mats on blue card stock and laminate them, then let the students make cloud shapes using the white Play-Doh.
*Books about clouds: Cloudette, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, The Cloud Book, Clouds, I See It, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, The Little Cloud, and Clouds.

*Shadow Card Matching Activity {free here}--Students match the animal picture to it's shadow! They can play memory or just match the cards up.
*Small Flash Lights
*Hand Shadow Puppet Idea Print Out pinned and printed out from here
*Free Shadow Puppet Print Outs free from 100 Directions. I laminated the puppets, cut them out, then hot glued them to popsicle sticks to make shadow puppets!
*Books about shadows and light: What Makes Day and Night, What Makes a Shadow?, The Sun, and Bear's Shadow.

*Types of Tornado Matching Activity {idea pinned here}-- You can download my tornado mats and pictures cards for free here. I used sticky velcro dots to make my matching activity. Students match the types of tornadoes with the pictures.
*Tornado Tube from Amazon--fill one bottle with coloured water and attach it to Tornado Tube. Add another empty bottle to the other end of the Tornado Tube. Students can swirl the water to the tornado!
*Tiny Tornado Tube from Amazon
*Thunder Tubes from Amazon
*Books about extreme weather: Barn Storm, Extraordinary Wild Weather, Underpants Thunderpants, Just a Big Storm, Fires and Floods, Blizards and Tornados (from Science Vocabulary Reader Set), Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Danger! Eathquakes, Extreme 3-D: Wild Weather, Franklin and the Thunderstorm, Thunder-Boomer!

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