Saturday 7 February 2015

Explore Tubs for the Five Senses {with Freebies}

I have put together some ideas for what I am going to put into the six explore tubs for our unit on the five senses. Underneath each photo I will put a list of links of where to find each item!

*I Spy Picture Cards {idea pinned from here} -- download my free pictures here and I Spy labels here. Print out various close up pictures and cut out a piece of black paper the same size. Cut out a circle from the black paper to make a peep hole. Tape the two together and fold in half to make a card, place an I Spy label on the front and the answer on the inside. I laminated my cards and used sticky velcro dots to keep the cards closed.
*Colour Mixing Lenses from Learning Resources
*I Spy or Look and Find Books

*What's That Smell? {idea pinned here and here} -- download the mats here and the jar labels here. Place cotton balls into spice jars, place a few drops of different extracts, essential oils, or perfumes into the jar, and put a label on the jar. Students smell each jar and try to match it to the correct smell on the mat.
*Books About Smell: Sniff, Sniff: A Book About Smell, The Five Senses: Smell, Smelling, The Nose Book

*Hearing Eggs - download cards here. Place the items from the cards into plastic Easter eggs (make sure they aren't see through!) and close them up. Students shake the eggs to hear what is inside and try to match each egg to the cards. I like to put numbers on the eggs and on the back of the cards to make this activity self-checking. I also tape the eggs up so that they don't spill everywhere!

*Tactile Balloons {pinned here and here} - download cards here. Place the items from the cards into deflated balloons using a funnel. Tie the balloons up. Students squish and feel the balloon and try to match each balloon to the cards.
*Tactile Sensory Cards {pinned here} - have not made these yet. Soon! Find different feeling textures (such as bubble wrap, tin foil, material, cotton, sand paper, dish scrubber, etc.) and glue onto thick cardstock. Students can feel the different textures.

*Braille Clifford book and plastic Braille Alphabet Chart from the Braille Book Store (this website is amazing! They have tons of different resources and books in Braille.) I also place a copy of the original version of Clifford so the students can compare the two.
*Braille Names - download an editable file here. Just type your students' names into the Braille font and the regular font underneath. (Braille font is free from here.) Print the cards onto white or coloured cardstock. Cut the cards apart. Have students place dots of white glue onto the Braille dots. Let dry. Then place the cards in here for students to "read"! They can take these home at the end of the unit!
*Sign Language Book and Sign Language Flashcards from Carson Dellosa

*Trixy & Troy Five Senses Educational Game Book & Puzzle {bought off eBay here}
*The Five Senses Game by Debi Goodman {on TpT here}
*5 Senses Tumble 'N Teach Dice from Amazon - fun game! You roll the senses die and there are two smaller dice inside with different locations. You choose one of the locations you rolled and name something you would sense there.
*Five Senses Picture Sort {by me on TpT} - I used sticky velcro dots to make my sorting game. Students sort the picture cards by which sense they would use.

I hope this post has given you some fun ideas to incorporate into your senses unit!


  1. This is amazing! I'm working on gathering my Five Senses goodies for next August and just love this post and all the goodies. Wonderful post!

  2. WOW! Amanda you are an amazing teacher! I loved your session yesterday! So many fantastic ideas! I look forward to learning from you!

  3. I am planning on making 'explore tubs' now. :) Do you have the explore tub labels for sale?

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda!! I'm glad you enjoyed the session. I was sooooo nervous about it! You can download the explore tub labels here:

    2. Thank you so much! And if you were nervous, you definitely couldn't tell! You did a great job!