Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Colourful Binder Organization--What's Inside?

I posted this picture on my Instagram and Facebook and got a lot of positive feedback. I just love colourful, organization. Tubs, binders, containers.... love it all! I will give you a peek at what is inside each of the binders. I will put a list of links for each binder of different units that I use in my teaching--some from me and some from other bloggers!

I have to go purchase two more yellow binders. I only have one binder for all of my writing activities so far and it's bursting at the seams! I will split up my activities into three binders. I have all of my activities sorted by the 6 writing traits and by type of writing (how to, lists, letters, non-fiction, etc.). I like to focus on a different type of writing each month. I put all of my blackline masters and lesson pieces into clear page protectors.

Engaging Writing Activities by Reagan Tunstall
Writing Freebies {here}{here}, and {here} by me

I also have a monthly poetry binder. Each week we read and study a poem. On Fridays they put a copy into their poetry folder, which they keep in their book boxes to read. Most of my poems come from various blogs or websites, but I also have a lot from Deedee Wills' poetry packs.

Poetry Stations by Deedee Wills

My Guided Reading binder is full of activities that I use during guided reading lessons. There are alphabet, phonics, sight words, fluency, and comprehension activities. I keep his binder near my guided reading table so I can pull activities as I need them. I have activities from a bunch of different packs.

Small Group Staples by Babbling Abby
Guided Reading Mini-Lessons by Rachelle Smith
Guided Reading 101 by Deanna Jump 

The blue binders are a huge project that I just undertook this spring! I created a yearly phonics and sight word scope & sequence for me to follow throughout the year. You can download an editable version of the scope & sequence {here}. Each week we focus on a particular phonics skill and we have five sight words that we practice and add to our word wall at the end of the week. I have two page protectors for each week--a sight work page and a phonics page. In the sight word page I keep any printables we might complete, our word wall words, and our list of sight words for word work centres (there are actually three weeks of sight words on one list). In the phonics page I keep any games, our weekly picture match cards (from Reagan's big phonics bundle), a list of phonics words for word work centres, and any printables we might complete that week.

Sight Word Intervention by Deedee Wills
The Big Phonics Bundle by Reagan Tunstall
Word Work Activities by Babbling Abby

In Science I will be using my interactive journals. In each page protector I place the lesson page, journal page, and any lesson pieces I need. I have two binders for all four clusters.

I organized my Social Studies unit the same way as my science. All three clusters are in one binder though. I place the lesson page, journal page, and any lesson pieces I need into a page protector.

And finally health! Organized the same way. Lesson, journal page, and lesson materials all in a page protector. Health isn't divided into clusters or units.. it's all one big unit but covers topics such as bus safety, fire safety, food groups, dental health, stranger danger, bike safety, and more!

I still have tons of files at school that I will organize into these binders. So far I've only organized the stuff I have at home and new things I have created/purchased. The only thing I have not quite organized yet is my math. All my math worksheets are in topic binders. But all my centres are in my holiday tubs, boxes in my garage, and all over the place. My goal this summer to organize them all into topics like Reagan's beautiful boxes {here} and put my centres into labelled envelopes like Miss Pich over at Apple-y Ever After!

**Update: I have put all of my binder covers and spines together into an editable PowerPoint file on TpT. Check out the preview to see all of the pages included. All of the text on the title pages and spines are editable, so you can change the fonts and wording to suit your own needs! Click {here} or the picture below to check it out.

That's it for now. Happy organizing!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Math Book Monday - 100 Snowmen

I made it! I almost forgot about it, but I'm here! Baby is bathed and asleep, hubby is working nights, so I get to just chill out in my pajamas with the dogs sleeping beside me all night. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night.

I feel bad about tonight's post because it is the middle of May, but my friends to the south inspired me. Usually it's us up here in Canada with the crazy winter that never ends--snowstorms in May! Poor friends in South Dakota got over a foot of snow yesterday! So sad. I hope it melts and you can get our your shorts and flip flops soon!!

Until then, how about a fun snowman math book! :) This one is called 100 Snowmen by Jen Arena. The illustrations are adorable. The snowmen are hilarious and also a tad bit creepy, with their black coal eyes. I love them despite the creepiness. Click the picture to check it out on Amazon.

It starts with one lonely snowman with a carrot nose. Then more and more snowman join him until there are.... 100 SNOWMEN! It's fun because each time more snowmen come, there is an addition sentence to see what the total is at. This is a great book to talk about addition, counting to 100, and numbers to 100. I thought this book would go great with my Snowman Counting & Number Activities {0-120} Freebie! This is one of my more popular freebies at TpT. It has snowman number cards to 120 and seven different activities to go with them--counting on forwards, counting backwards, ordering from least to greatest, numbers one less and one more, comparing numbers, and counting forward to 100 or 120.

Now, if you feel like these activities would be perfect for your kiddos right now but you don't quite feel like pulling out the snowmen in May... DON'T WORRY! I've got you covered! I made an identical pack featuring a generic Melonheadz cutie theme. Check out my Math Kids Counting & Number Activities {0-120} Freebie on TpT!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Math Book Monday (on a Tuesday!) - The Great Graph Contest

Sorry folks! I tried to get this up last night, but I was pooped! I had my first evening course last night. Gave myself plenty of time to get there, but there was a major accident on the highway and I ended up being twenty minutes late to my first class. How embarassing! Oh well, it was still pretty good!

So I'm here with you today for Math Book Monday on a Tuesday! Today's post is about a new math book that I have bought recently. It is called "The Great Graph Contest" by Loreen Leedy.

It is a super cute book! It's written all in speech bubbles and it's about two friends who keep trying to outdo each other's graphs. It talks about surveying, bar graphs, pie graph, sorting, Venn diagrams, and more. 

I created a fun survey and graph activity to go with the book. This activity could be used as a math centre or a whole group lesson. Click the picture below to check it out!

Students choose a survey questions (there are 12 example cards or they can create their own) and four possible answers. Then they survey 10 students in the class and record the results with tally marks.

Then they create a graph based on their results. There are three options--a vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph, or pie graph!

I also have this "Grab and Graph" centre in my TpT store for free. Use any manipulative you have, such as bears. Place the manipulatives in a bag. Students grab a handful, then graph what they picked up! Check it out by clicking on the picture.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

May Currently

A new month, a new currently! I'm just going to get right to it... (I typed this out this afternoon. Zoe is no longer awake or watching Sesame Street. lol)

Listening -- My little monkey is now 13 months and a little trouble maker! She gets into everything and climbs on top of everything! She definitely keeps life interesting.

Loving -- We are building a new house on our property and it's already started! We have a floor, outside walls, and a roof! I could probably just move in now! :) Basement will get started soon.

Front of the house---there will be an attached double garage and a small entry way attached to the front after it's moved onto the basement.

Here is Zoe and I standing in her future bedroom! :)

Thinking -- I am starting my Post Bacc in Education degree and my first course starts tomorrow night! I am super nervous! I haven't been an official university student for 8 years now! But the course is called "Problem Solving in Early Years and Middle Years Mathematics" and the instructor is a well-known math recovery teacher in Canada, so I am super excited to learn from her!!

Wanting -- Well, nobody came and made supper for me, but I made a delicious Quinoa Enchilada Casserole. So yummy! {Recipe from here.}

Needing -- If we don't play fetch with our puppies, they get CRAZY! Zoe and I tired them out this afternoon and now they are sleeping on the floor while I type this.

Summer -- The house is definitely a go. I just hope things go quickly and smoothly, so maybe we can even move in before school starts!

My hope is to take Zoe camping this summer. Not sure what it's like to camp with a toddler, but I'm up for the adventure! Anyone have any tips to offer??

I wish, wish, WISH I could go to the TpT conference in Vegas this year, but hubby's work schedule and house finances won't make it possible this year. Maybe next year?

Tomorrow I am in two places at once! I'll be back here with a new Math Book Monday and I will be over at iTeach First with how I celebrate birthdays in my classroom! Come check it out!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Math Book Monday - Circus Shapes

I made it back again this week! Today's math book is part of the MathStart series by Stuart J. Murphy. I love all of his books and have quite a few of them in my collection. This is one is called Circus Shapes and it's all about 2-D shapes!

It's a fun rhyming story that goes through the four main 2-D shapes: circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. There's even a fun counting page to find all the shapes!

The nice thing about the MathStart series is all the books have a page of ideas to go with it. Perfect for home or school!

You could put this book in a centre and have students hunt for the shapes. They can keep track of how many shapes they find on the page or in the entire book using tally marks on the table below. (Click the picture for your free copy.)

Also, this book goes great with my 2-D Shape freebie on TeachersPayTeachers. It is one of my most popular freebies and has every 2-D shape you could possibly want! Click the picture below to check it out if you haven't downloaded it yet!

Thanks for stopping by for today's Math Book Monday!

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

If You Give a Teacher a GIft Card... iTeach First Giveaway

I cannot believe that it is almost the end of April! The end of the school year is fast approaching and I bet everyone's minds are racing with all the things you still need to do and teach and finish before summer break.

Well, I have just the thing to take your mind off your ever-growing to do list... How about a gift card to one of your favourite places? Our collaborative blog iTeach First is having a giveaway to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. If you head over to the blog and enter the Rafflecopter, you can win one of four $25 gift cards to Target, Starbucks, Amazon, or TeachersPayTeachers. The contest will run from today until May 2nd. Four lucky winners will be announced on May 3rd! Click below to go enter!

Some of my fellow iTeach First bloggers and I have decided to share with you what we would buy if we were to win these awesome gift cards!

If you give a teacher a gift card, she'll want to buy some books. When she goes to order the books, her husband will tell her she already bought some books this week. So she'll think of what else she could spend her gift card on...

How about a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage or Teavana® Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade from Starbucks? Yum!


Or maybe some laminating pouches or a pack of 100 dice from Amazon? Yipee!

I can't talk about Target. It's just too sad. Read why here.

But I do love TpT!! I've got a few things sitting on my wishlist that I would love to have. Maybe a Hello Fonts commercial font license by Jen Jones? Or some Nonfiction Easy Readers by Tara West? And you can never go wrong with more MelonHeadz clipart!


What would you buy if you won any of these gift cards? But remember, you can't win unless you go enter! Click the button below to enter. Good luck! :)