Friday 9 September 2016

Christmas Around the World Updates!

Hey folks! I'm back again! I'm here to share with you an update of my best selling item--my Christmas Around the World Scrapbook & Craft pack! This update has been a year in the making and I've finally gotten around to it!

I have added 8 new scrapbook pages, crafts, and suitcase stickers for Canada, U.S.A., Hawaii, Kwanzaa (U.S.A.), Russia, Ukraine, Diwali (India), and Hanukkah (Israel).

I've also added a new, full colour answer key for all the countries that has the map, flag, fill-in-the-blank answers, and a sample picture to draw in the circle. No more research for you--it's all right there!

And lastly, I've added bulletin board decorations so you can display your trip around the world in your classroom! I added a country card to the bulletin board after each "visit" and even used push pins and string to show the location of the country on the large world map!

If you have already purchased my Christmas Around the World Scrapbook & Craft pack, you can redownload the unit and find the new additions for no extra charge! Just login into your TeachersPayTeachers account, go to My Purchases, search for Christmas Around the World, and redownload the file. The new and improved file will be there waiting for you!

*Note* If you purchased the Christmas Around the World Interactive Slideshow or Informational Text or Christmas Around the World Bundle, I am currently finishing the updates for the slideshow and will post them soon! I will add the updated scrapbook pack to the bundle when I am done the slideshow! Thanks so much!

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