Thursday 31 July 2014

Show Me Your Teacher Bag!

I'm linking up with Jen over at Teacher by the Beach for her linky "Show Me Your Teacher Bag!". I love seeing all the different bags and hearing everyone's take on the pros and cons of each type of bag.

I'm going to show you two of my bags! First up is just a thin canvas bag that I got from Zazzle with my personalized Melonheadz on it! (You may have seen it on Instagram already... if not, follow me @1stgradegarden). I love the way it turned out. I'm just going to use it for bringing important papers to and from school.

Next up is my everyday bag. I've traded in my purse and teacher tote for a diaper bag for the next year. Seeing as I carry this bag with my everywhere, I decided I needed to get a super cute one. And that I did. This is my Stella Diaper Bag from Maranda Lee on etsy. I just love the grey chevron with teal accents. It even has a matching change pad!

Look at how much room there is inside! There is a pocket for everything! I think I might even continue to use it as a purse/teacher tote when I go back to school. I love that it zips up as well.

It's got an awesome key ring on the side, so I never lose my keys!! Unless I forget to clip them on. Ooopsie!

And I've got a pocket on the back for my cell phone. Love, love, love this bag!

That's it for me today! What's in your bag? 

Sunday 27 July 2014

Back to School Sale

For today and tomorrow, everything in my store is 20% off!! Go check it out {here}.

Thursday 24 July 2014

A BUMP for Every Season

One of my students’ favourite math games to play is BUMP. I have a few different versions I have blogged about before… the most popular ones are Super Mario and Princess BUMP. I made a freebie summer version {here} and a freebie hockey version {here} as well.

It’s a pretty simple game. Here are the rules:

With my math centres and word work centres, I love to have games or centres that just change slightly each month… that way, you only have to teach it once and the students can do it all year long. So I thought to myself… wouldn’t it be fun to have a BUMP game for every holiday?? So I took a break from the million other TpT projects I am working on and made some new versions. These will be perfect for Math With Someone rotations during guided math! You just have to teach the game once in September, then each month you can change the gameboard and it becomes a new centre! Voila! Easy peasy! Click the picture below to check it out on TpT.

I made games for 11 different holidays/seasons: Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Winter, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring, Camping, and Summer.

For each holiday, there are four options: full colour addition, full colour subtraction, black & white addition, or black & white subtraction. If you want to save on coloured ink, just print the black & white versions onto coloured cardstock!

Another great thing about BUMP is that it is very easy to differentiate for students. Just change up the type of dice you give them. Easiest: two dotted dice, medium: one dotted die and one number die, and harder: two number dice!

If you want to try out BUMP with your class, check out the pack on TpT. If you download the preview, you will find the list of holidays, the official rules, and the Back to School addition gameboard for you to try out.

Oh, and if you don’t follow me on Facebook… look what I did this weekend! You are looking at the new Mrs. Ross! :) It was the most beautiful, perfect day I could have asked for. Beautiful weather, awesome family & friends, my darling baby girl, and saying I do to my best friend. It doesn't get better than that! :) Have a great weekend!