Sunday 17 April 2016

Explore Tubs -- Social Studies Edition!

Explore Tubs have been a huge hit in my classroom. I love them because it gives my students a chance to play and explore, but keeps the activities related to the science curriculum! Basically Explore Tubs are early finisher tubs that are filled with science related activities. You can read more about my explore tubs here:

This is how I have them set up right now.We are in the middle of our "Objects and Materials" unit. The purple tub houses our books for the unit, the middle tubs are my six Explore Tubs, and the last two tubs are LEGO and Blocks from our indoor recess shelf. They fit with our unit, so I let my students "explore" with those as well!

Here are my students in action exploring with these science tubs:


I have only planned my science tubs so far, but half-way into the year I thought, "I need to make some tubs for Social Studies and Health as well!" I teach these three subjects in blocks, so when we don't have science, we don't have explore tubs! Well that is about to change. I have started planning my social studies tubs for next years! Here is my first set for our unit on Manitoba & Canada.

*Canada Books: Why I Love Canada, Our Canadian Flag, Good Morning, Canada, Goodnight, Canada, ABC of Canada, M is for Maple, Canada from Above, Oh, Canada!, Canada 123, I Am Canada

*Canada Puzzles: I found mine at the local dollar stores... check yours! But I also found this neat floor puzzle on Amazon.

*Canadian Symbol BINGO {by me on TpT}

*Pick a Stick Canada Game {freebie found here}: Students choose a stick and have to find that province/territory on the map and place a cube on it. You can also play this game BUMP style--just keep putting the sticks back into the cup or make a couple sets of the sticks.

*Book about Canadian Money: Loonies and Toonies
*Canadian play money {Amazon or Scholar's Choice}
*Canadian Money Pattern Cards {by me on TpT}: Students use the play money to finish the repeating patterns.

*Provincial & Territorial Symbol Puzzles {by me on TpT}: Students match up the flag, flower/tree, and animal/bird to the province or territory. The names of the provinces are on the back of the card so it's a fun self-checking activity!
*Canada Word Search {found on -- you need to sign up to download}

*Find It Canadian Edition {found from Scholar's Choice or Amazon}
*Question Cards {freebie found here}: Students choose a card and have to try to find the object inside the game tube.

Stay tuned for my Community Tubs (teaching this unit next month!), my I Belong Tubs (for September), and my Christmas Around the World Tubs (December). My health units will be Safety Tubs (Fire Safety & Bus Safety in October), Nutrition & Health Tubs (March), and Dental Health (April).