Monday 30 March 2015

Math Book Monday - 10 Easter Egg Hunters

Hey friends! Today is the first post in a new weekly series I am starting called "Math Book Monday". It's hard to share pictures and ideas since I'm not in the classroom right now, so I thought I needed something to keep me going until I get back into the classroom in September!

If you know anything about me, I have a love for all things books. I can't walk past a book store without going in. I have a huge collection of math related picture books and am looking forward to sharing some of my favourites with you. So make sure you come by each Monday where I will share with you a math picture book and a fun idea to go with it! :)

Today I'm going to show you a fun Easter book! It's called "10 Easter Egg Hunters" by Janet Shulman. It's a cute little counting, rhyming book about ten lost eggs! I love that each time they find an egg, it shows the number of eggs on the side like a little ten frame. Great for a little subitizing practice!

I thought this book would be a perfect mini-lesson book to get into practicing tens partners. In this simple activity, each student needs a picture mat, a recording sheet & pencil, and 10 Easter counters (toy bunnies, mini-erasers, or unifix cubes). Students drop the 10 counters onto the picture. Then they count how many counters land ON the picture and how many land OFF the picture. Then they create a number sentence on their recording sheet using those numbers.

If you would like to try this activity with your firsties, click {here} or the picture below to download.

Janet Shulman also has a few other holiday counting books--10 Easter Egg Hunters, 10 Trick-or-Treaters, 10 Valentine Friends, and 10 Trim-the-Tree'ers. You can buy any of the holiday counting books from Amazon by clicking on the pictures below:



I hope you enjoyed this week's Math Book Monday! Check back next week for a new book idea.

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  1. I LOVE Math books! What a great idea...and it would be so cheap to buy those packages of seasonal erasers, etc. from Dollarama to use with this activity!