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Oh me oh my. How is it March already. It feels like just yesterday I was finishing up report cards and getting ready to leave my classroom to have my baby. In fact, it's been 11 months since that happened! My baby is turning one at the end of this month. How did that happen?? Anywho, it's time for Currently! Go check out Farley's page and join up with your own Currently.

*listening* -- Zoe loves the Wiggles. If I need ten minutes to make her breakfast or have a shower, BOOM. Ready, Steady, Wiggle it is! She loves music. I love watching her bounce up and down and clap her hands. So cute!

*loving* -- I feel like spring is here. It's suppose to get warmer this weekend. Maybe the snow will start to melt away. Wouldn't that be exciting??

*thinking* -- I am definitely going to bed right after I post this.

*wanting* -- A snack. I did go for the cheerios. Dry. No milk. At least I don't have any stuck to my butt. (See my Instagram post here.)

*needing* -- I hate money. I know things will be fine. I just need to stop worrying about it.

*spring break plans* -- We're not going away anywhere this year. We had our trip to Phoenix in January. We've got Zoe's first birthday to plan (just kidding, I've been planning it for a year... lol) and a new house to start building. Well, someone else will be building it. I get to supervise and pick things out. Much more my style.

Now I will leave you with some pictures of my grown up little girl.

She loves walking around with her little Minnie Mouse car. She's already taken a few steps on her own. Walking is coming any day now.

I was so excited for her to learn how to clap. She does it all the time and it is so cute!!

Those bangs are getting long but there is NO WAY I am cutting her hair. lol. I started putting little Pebble Flintstones pony tails in the front. So cute!

We starting going to Gymboree Play & Learn classes and she loves it. She learned how to climb stairs there. 

How can you tell I'm a teacher and stalk Kindergarten blogs? I love sensory bins. This was Zoe's first one. It was a fresh snow sensory bin. She loved it!

Don't forget to check back here on Wednesday! I will be having a mini contest on the blog with a fun prize from Hameray Publishing!

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  1. Adorable pictures!
    And I love that you wanted nachos, but settled for Cheerios. :)

  2. Your wee one is beyond precious! :) I don't have my own kuds yet, and love to see girls post about their kidlets!! If you want warm weather come see us in Florida! I was just lamenting the lack of a snow day! Lol! Thanks for sharing today!! :)

    1.! Lol...typing on the phone this am!

    2.! Lol...typing on the phone this am!

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  5. Your wee one is beyond precious! :) I don't have my own kids yet, and love to see girls post about their kidlets!! If you want warm weather come see us in Florida! I was just lamenting the lack of a snow day! Lol! Thanks for sharing today!! :)

  6. I love your website! Kassie did such a good job. She is great to work with too. I sure do hope Spring is coming soon, but I would really like for it to stick around for a little while. The past few years it is Spring for a week and then, BOOM, summer. I am not ready for summer. I hope your house building process is a smooth one. Enjoy picking out the fun things to customize your new home! :)

  7. Oh my goodness what a cutie! Money is on my mind as well. My maternity benefits are over and I don't get a regular paycheck until the end of this month. EEEK! No more shopping on Etsy!

  8. I am SOOOO- over winter and the cold weather. Awe... I love having mat leave for a whole year. Are you going back to work when it ends or are you just going to wait until the next school year? Since you get a full year of mat leave I am assuming you live in Canada too? If so, what province? You're little girl is so precious. Man I bet that 1st year goes by super fast, but how exciting is planning that first birthday. My little girl turns 6 months old next week and I already started planning her first birthday. LOL. Can you tell I get a little carried away. ha ha ha. How does she like the Gymboree Play & Learn? I want to look into that when my little one gets a little older.

    Lovely Literacy and More

    1. I'm from Manitoba! Yes, Zoe loves Gymboree class! She loves playing with other little kids and is such a little monkey. She loves to climb all over everything. She does that home too! I worked right up until spring break last year. My last day was March 28 and Zoe was born on the 31st! I'm taking a few extra months off (unpaid of course... boo hoo) so instead going back in April, I will just start again in September! I am so thankful to have a few extra months at home with my baby girl. Nice to meet some more Canadian bloggers! :)



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