Thursday 30 August 2012

Bad Blogger! {and math centre freebie}

I've been a bad blogger this week.. I was going strong with Teacher's Week, but after Wednesday, I just kind of gave up! lol. I have been so busy getting my room ready this week I haven't been thinking of much else. I'm happy to say that my living room at home looks MUCH better without the huge pile of boxes in the corner. :) I'm not quite ready for my big classroom reveal yet. I promise to share lots of pictures next week! And I'll share some details of our first few days back as well.

I'm off camping for the next four days, then teachers officially report on Tuesday morning! I've got a staff meeting in the morning and some final touches to the room in the afternoon, then my firsties come storming in st 4:30pm for Meet the Teacher night! I am so excited to meet these little ones. I'm sure I'm in for an interesting year. Did I tell you I'm up to 27 students now? Eek. I don't have any more hooks on the wall! If I get one more student I'll need to get a portable coat rack. I have no room for that!! The room is bursting at the seams as it is! I'll show you what I mean next week ;)

Also, I have reached 500 followers!! Well, 501 to be exact ;) I am so excited! I am planning a giveaway, but you will have to stay tuned for that.

Well I will leave you with a little freebies here... It's called  "Cookie Scramble". It is to practice putting the numbers from 0-20 in order. There are cookie cards and a recording sheet. Click any of the pictures below to download! Enjoy!

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