Tuesday 14 August 2012

Monday Made It... Just a Tad Late!

It's probably still Monday somewhere, right? I hope I'm not too late! Between this TpT sale and building a deck on the front of the house, it has been busy busy around here! But I am linking up with Tara's 11th Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics!

Before I get to my made its, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that bought something from my store during the back to school sale. I truly appreciate your business and hope that my products are really useful to you and your class. I never make anything I don't use myself, in the class! :) Alright, on to the main event...

Made It #1: Lucky Duck Sticks

I finally went out and bought new popsicle sticks so I could make these! I painted the sticks two colours and printed my students' names on small labels, then modge podged over them to seal it all. I think they look just ducky! ;)

Made It #2: Brain Breaks

Similar to the duck sticks, I painted these sticks two colours so that once we complete an activity, we can flip it over until we've tried them all! I put together a variety of exercises, songs and videos, games, and movement activities.

Made It #3: Tattling Teddy

I had pinned an adorable tattling teddy from Playground Duty and knew I had to make my own! I found the adorable brown teddy and the blue basket from the Dollar Tree. I added some blue ribbon to the teddy and painted a wooden kleenex box (from Michaels) blue and modge podged a little sign to the side. I just have to find a notepad or some index cards to stick in the basket with the pencil.

Made It #4: Plastic Bag Holder

I took an empty plastic coffee can and spray painted it blue. I cut a whole in the lid, filled the can with plastic bags, and modge podged a little label on the side. Now I have a cute place to keep all those plastic bags at hand!

Made It #5: Pete the Cat Reading Buddy Holder

If you are a Canadian follower... I just went shopping at Superstore and they have the most ADORABLE kids' room decor items. They had a bunch of items that had this adorable blue bear... I found this blue soft square tub with the bear face and instantly knew I could transform it a bit... into Pete!! I just used the back of the bear, stuck on some vinyl, altered the ears a bit, and VOILA! I'm going to put all my stuffed animals into it so that students can choose one to read with.

Alright, now onto the FUN PART! It was my birthday combined with Christmas combined with back to school sales. It was unbelievable! I showed up to the post office today to find some very large boxes waiting for me! They were my cheap ink refills off Amazon (so now I can print out all my new TpT purchases!), my Really Good Stuff order, and some new books!!

From Really Good Stuff, I got my book bins... love the brighty colours! I also got some unifix cube trains to use in my small group math lessons. That Tic-Tac-Toe pocket chart was in the clearnace section for only $5.99. I'm sure I'll find many uses for it! I also got those animal ice breaker cards as a free gift!

And more shopping at Superstore... I found this new Scrabble Game--Scrabble Soup! I can see some super fun word work activities with this! And I bought some more props for math activities--divided plates for part-part-whole activities, apple ice cube trays for some sort of toss game, and a barrel of monkeys for.... well, who doesn't need a barrell of monkeys??

I really need to get into my classroom so I can empty out my living room! I'm starting to look like a hoarder... I've got boxes and bags and bins and stuffed animals and posters EVERYWHERE! On Monday I get to go visit my new room!! We don't go back until Sept. 4th, thank goodness! Are any of you back already? How was your first day? :)


  1. I love your Pete the Cat--I love Pete the Cat! I am your latest follower! I would love to have you come and visit my blog--you could even win a laminator!


  2. Great projects! Will you please email me about the cheap ink from Amazon? meganwheeler44@yahoo.com

    Also, I have a part-part-total activity on my blog using those divided plates. You should check it out. It's under "Math or Math Tubs."

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  3. Love all of your projects! Especially Pete the Cat...so adorable!!

    Crazy Daze in First Grade

  4. Love these especially your lucky duck sticks- how cute! I am your newest follower!

    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten

  5. The stuff you made is so cute!! I have to make a tattling teddy! Love it!

    Life's A Beach in First Grade

  6. You've been super busy! Thanks for the SuperStore heads up.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  7. I love Pete! I know what you mean about being a hoarder...except I have 6 years of teaching stuff in my basement! I need to find a permanent job so I can store some stuff at school instead of home!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas