Show Us What You Bought! Linky Party

I'm linking up with the peeps over at Blog Hoppin' to show you what I scored from the Cyber Sale! I got some new clipart (of course) and a few things I can't wait to prep for next year! Click on any of the item pictures to check them out on TpT. There's still a few hours left to save!

Image Map

Image Map

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  1. Okay, sidenote! How did you make each cover page clickable without your pin it button getting in the way?! I need a tutorial!!

    1. I'm excited to use your songs!! I'm going to sing them all at home, so when I go back to work I'll have them all memorized! My husband is going to hate me... lol

      I just learned how to make a clickable collage this week! I didn't do anything with my pin it button though, so that must have just worked itself out. I found this tutorial {here}. Basically you make a collage (I used PowerPoint) and upload it to wherever you store your photos (I use Picasa Web). Then paste the link of the image onto the website and create an "image map". Check out the tutorial! It's pretty easy to do!

  2. I read your post early this morning & went and bought the Bloom's ladders. I hadn't seen them before - thank you!! Jen

  3. awe thank you!!! Hope you enjoy the math binder! Thanks for the tutorial above, too - that is so cool! :)


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