Saturday 13 December 2014

Interactive Science Journals Units Two and Three

Two more of my Interactive Science Journals have made it into the bundle... the last one, Weather and Seasons should be up soon! By the end of the month anyways. Click any of the pictures below to check them out on TpT.

Cluster 2: The Five Senses

These are the lessons/outcomes covered in this unit:

1. Unit title page idea
2. Learn vocabulary related to the senses
3. Match the sense to the body part

4. Label the parts of the eye
5. Graph the eye colours in the class
6. Find things in the classroom that feel a certain way
7. Listen to mystery sounds
8. Smell sounds
9. Label the parts of the nose
10. Sort foods by the taste buds used

11. Taste food
12. Name ways to protect the senses
13. Design sunglasses to protect the eyes (design process)
14. Describe how some things can be altered 
15. Describe how your senses protect you

16. Learn how your senses can mislead your (science experiment)
17. Name aids that help people with different capabilities
18. Compare differences in taste with a friend
19. Describe how you use senses in various hobbies & jobs

Cluster 2: Characteristics of Objects and Materials

These are the lessons/outcomes covered in this unit:

1. Unit title page idea
2. Unit vocabulary
3. Use five senses to list characteristics of different materials
4. Sort objects and the materials they are made up of

5. List all the materials that an object is made up of
6. Sort materials based on certain characteristics
7. Name the material that a group of objects is made up of
8. Match objects with the best material for it's purpose

9. Test which material would make the best umbrella (science experiment)
10. Choose the object that is best for the job
11. Name ways to join materials
12. Design a pencil holder or other useful object (design process)
13. Describe ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at school

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Last unit is coming soon! :) Laters!

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