Wednesday 10 December 2014

Christmas Blast From the Past

Seeing as I'm not in the classroom this year, I feel bad that I don't have any awesome classroom pictures to share with you. So I started going back through my old classroom photos and found some of my Christmas bulletin boards throughout the years. Some of these are from Grade 3/4, 4, and 1. Some you may have seen before and some will be new! Take a look...

Christmas Symme"tree": We made symmetrical Christmas ornaments out of scrapbook paper and hung them on our tree. We also made symmetrical snowflakes!

Christmas Symmetry Faces: I took a picture of the students wearing a Christmas hat (Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, or snowman hat), cut it in half, and had them draw the other half of their face! They turned out super cute!

Winter Pastels: We used oil pastels on blue construction paper to make Christmas/wintry scenes. This would be great to do with some writing! Prompts: What do you like to do in the winter? What do snowmen do when no one is watching?

Tissue Paper Trees: Photocopy a large tree for each student. Use a mixture of glue and water to modge podge tissue paper squares to the tree. Use different shades of green. It's ok to go outside the lines! We cut them out. Afterwards we decorate the trees with glitter glue.

Christmas Post Cards: I had students write a postcard instead of a letter one year. We talked about the parts of a postcard. Then I gave students a list of characters they could write to. This activity is available in my Jolly Letters unit.

Christmas Kindness: On a large light bulb, I had students write a way that they could spread kindness at Christmas time.

Poinsettia Artwork: This lesson was on Deep Space Sparkle. We used sponges to print the poinsettias, gold paint on the pots, and glitter glue to decorate.

Birch Tree Art: I also found these on Deep Space Sparkle. Tissue paper collage background and water colour birch trees. Super pretty, but a lot of work for fourth graders!

Christmas Kindness: Another year, the same writing activity.

Candy Cane Patterns and Christmas Quilt: We coloured candy canes in a pattern and wrote the letter name of the pattern. We also made a Christmas quilt when we were practicing the letter q. You can find the candy cane patterns for free in this post.

Elf Craft: These adorable crafts are from First Grade Blue Skies' Let's Make an Elf pack. We made these with our Grade 4 reading buddies.

Gingerbread Houses: We made a gingerbread house out of brown construction paper, scrap paper, and stickers. Then we wrote a descriptive paragraph about our house. You can get the writing paper for free in this post.

Pattern Trees: This was an adorable craft from Tunstall's Christmas Art Projects pack. We made repeating patterns with coloured shape ornaments.

Stockings: We made these stockings from my Christmas Around the World pack. We used oil pastels to decorate the stockings and added cotton balls at the top to give it the added fluff!

That's it for now! I hope you survive your last two weeks before Christmas vacation! You can do it! :)

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