Saturday 13 July 2013

Thanks! Freebie!

Thank you lovely ladies for your advice! I liked the idea of having a row of five apples the same colour. It will definitely be good for building number sense. So I decided to keep the same colours for all the numbers 0-20. Here's a pic of my cards, all printed and cut, waiting to be laminated!

They're pretty simple, but I think they turned out pretty cute! If you would like a copy for yourself, you can download theme {here}.


  1. I absolutely love them! You did such an amazing job and I can't wait to use them with my kiddos! You are so creative! Have a wonderful summer!

  2. Amanda these are super cute!
    How amazing are you!!
    Thanks so much!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. I don't understand how these seem to work fine for others, but not me. I click on the pictures and I get...well...a bigger picture! No option to download or do anything with Google. I run into this a lot :-/

    1. Sometimes bloggers don't link the picture to the freebie. You have to read the post and see if it says click {here} or click the link below or something like that. This freebie was posted as a Facebook fan freebie. That means to get the freebie, you must go to my Facebook page here:

      Then you have to make sure you like the page and click on the tab at the top that says "Fan Freebies". This will take you to a Google Docs folder where the freebies are.

    2. Yes, Amanda, I do understand the directions. I followed them to begin with. My point is that it doesn't work for me! I click on the picture you provided and all I get is a bigger picture. I appreciate that you tried to help, and I understand plenty of folks simply can't or won't follow directions, however that is not the case for me. :-)

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  5. For those of you who also find that the instructions don't work... I did some playing around tonight and this is what I found... After clicking on the picture (for instance "Fan Freebies"), if you get another picture (or just a bigger copy of the same picture) rather than the Google Docs folder, look to the upper right corner of your screen for an icon that says "Open in Drive." Click that button and you will get the .pdf files. I hope this helps those of you who have the new Google interface that uses Google Drive. Regards!

  6. PS: Thanks for the freebies! They're great :-)