Saturday 1 June 2013

Five for Friday.... last one for May!

Do you know what time it is? Yes, it's after midnight. Yes, it's bedtime. But it's also time for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

{1.} When we finished our Laura Numeroff author study, we decided to write our own circle story. The last book we read was If You Give a Pig a Party and in that story the pig invites some of the characters from the other stories, but also a snake, a rabbit, and a fox. I had the students vote for which animal they wanted to write a story about. The snake was the winner! Then we had to vote on a food that started with an s, to keep with Laura Numeroff's pattern (moose - muffin, dog - donut, cat - cupcake, pig - pancake). We decided on sundae! Yum! We wrote the story together. Then I typed it up and gave each student their own copy to illustrate. 

If You Give a Snake a Sundae
by 1AT

If you give a snake a sundae, he will want a cherry to go on it.
The cherry will remind him of a clown’s nose. He will ask you to take him to the circus.
At the circus he will want to go see the clowns perform funny tricks.
One of the clowns will give him a balloon animal.
The balloon animal will remind him of the zoo. He will ask you to take him to the zoo.
At the zoo he will want to see the tigers first.
The tiger’s stripes remind him of the zebras. He will want to go see the zebras next.
Then he will go visit the monkeys.
Inside the monkey cage, he will see a red ball.
The ball will remind him of a cherry. He will ask you for one.
And chances are… if you give a snake a cherry, he will ask you for a sundae to go with it.

{2.} For the past two Christmases I have gotten a Cute Overload Daily Calendar. Love it! Each day I would rip the pages off and just stuck them in my drawer figuring I would eventually find a use for the cute pictures. Well I decided to bring them to school for a fun story writing activity! I let them choose a picture to be their main character. They cut it out, glued it on their page, and drew a setting for their animal. 

{3.} One afternoon we just had a math games afternoon, rotating through a few fun addition/subtraction games.

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Math Dash - Edupress

{4.} Our field trip to the zoo is on Thursday this week, so we have been busy learning about some of the animals we will see at the zoo! We have been making our little zoo card books. The students have really enjoyed learning about the animals. Some of them have never been to the zoo before, so it will be pretty exciting for them.

{5.} We only have 18 more school days left! Then two admin. days which will involve a lot of cleaning, packing, organizing, saying goodbye to my current school, and moving to my new school! :)


When I saw Melonheadz' adorable Potato Peeps clipart, I decided to updated my freebie math game and use her clipart to give it a fresh new look. The game is the same--students can work alone, with partners, or in a small group. You just need enough Mr./Mrs. Potato Head pieces for each student. Students take turns rolling two dice and adding them together. They take a potato piece according to the legend. The first student to complete their potato person is the winner! There is also a recording sheet to write down the addition sentences. Click the picture to download your new freebie!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post! Just found your blog today through Five for Friday an am a new follower. Love the cut out pictures from the calendar for writing. I will be back to read future posts...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers