Friday 3 May 2013

Five for Friday Linky

It's Friday! Time for a link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Here's what has been going on this week...

1. Our grass heads are growing! Everyone who stops by our room has to come check these guys out. They are just too cute! The kids keep asking when we are going to cut them, but I think we should wait until they get a bit longer! :)

2. In theme we have been studying Dental Health. The kids are loving Deedee's poem "A Loose Tooth" from her February Poetry Pack. We say it each day, using each student's name. So fun! We also did some writing about how to keep our teeth healthy. We used lots of ideas form Mr. Harry's Kindergarten fun song "If You're a Kid... [Dental Health Remix]". We used this tooth writing page. Then I took pictures of my students, cropped their photos to just get their beautiful, hole-y smiles, and made a fun guessing game bulletin board. They love looking at the pictures!

3. We are doing a little measurment mini-unit in math. I armed each student with ten unifix cubes and a stack of mini post-it notes. They had to go around the classroom to find something that was less than 10 cubes, exactly 10 cubes, and more than 10 cubes. They had a blast! Those cute measurement posters are freebies from Angelia Grimes-Graeme from Extra Special Teaching.

4. We finished up our Eric Carle author study with some artwork. We used a white pastel and blue paint to do the background. Then we painted grass with two different kinds of green. After those dried, I let the kids have free rein of the pastels and construction paper! I told them they had to make a bug and we brainstormed what kinds we could make. I think they turned out beautiful! It's my class' turn to decorate the display case by the office, so this makes a nice welcome to our school.

5. I'm away from school for three days. I've never been away for so long before. Usually only a day at a time. This was my desk before I left yesterday... I placed every day in a different file folder with different coloured sticky notes for each day. I hope all is going well! :) Next year I am definitely going to put together a sub binder. I had planned to this year, but never got around to it. One day!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the weather (if it's nice where you are)!


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Cute blog! I love the googly eyes in the grass heads. Googly eyes just make everything better! I hope you'll come visit my blog. Looks like we have a lot in common...our name, teaching first grade, and lab puppies!

  2. Hey we have grassheads growing too. Well ours are a little different because at the moment they are just grass in a cup but eventually I will add their picture to the front. Its our mother day gift. Yours are super cute! I am your newest follower.

    First Grade A to Z

    1. Those will be cute mother's day gifts! Anything with the kids' pictures is a great gift idea! :)

  3. Glad I found you on the Five for Friday linky. Such cute ideas! I love the guess the teeth ones- what fun for your kids!

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  4. Don't you just hate sub plans!!! It's more work to leave than stay. A sub binder is a great idea for me as well. I teach art in the pm and LOVE your Eric Carle pictures. I'll be back! I'm a new follower!