Sunday 5 April 2015

Interactive Social Studies Journal

I am so excited to share with you my newest labour of love! I created an Interactive Social Studies Journal to match up with my Interactive Science Journals! This unit is designed with the Grade 1 Manitoba Social Studies curriculum in mind, but the lessons and activities are suitable to be used with any Social Studies curriculum. (Some things are specifically Canadian though.) 

This unit is for all three clusters: I Belong, My Environment, and Connecting With Others. This unit contains a lesson idea and interactive journal page for each knowledge outcome in the curriculum. (Sometimes there is more than one activity for each outcome too.)

The reason I only created one pack and did not separate the clusters like I did with my Interactive Science Journals, is because I find that the way the curriculum sets up the clusters does not make a lot of sense. Quite often activities from Cluster 3 are more relevant in September (problem solving/solving conflicts) or they might work better with lessons from Cluster 2. I designed the pack so that the lessons can be used in any order! Feel free to mix and match however you please!

Here's a peak at what is included in this year-long, 196-page unit:

This pack unit is designed the same way as my Interactive Science Journals. For each knowledge outcome in the curriculum, there are lesson plan ideas and pictures, lesson materials (for whole group charts, sorts, etc.), and interactive social studies journal pages. These pages are designed to fit an 8-1/2x10" spiral journal, but you can easily shrink the pages or print two-to-a-page if you are using smaller journals.

Cluster 1: I Belong

1. Unit title page
2. Describe facts about Remembrance Day
3. Describe how you are important to your classroom
4. Name groups you belong to
5. Give examples of how your family celebrates it's culture
6. Describe important things about Thanksgiving
7. Sort things that are from the past and from today
8. Create a family tree

Cluster 2: My Environment

1. Unit title page
2. Label your town/city and province on a map of Canada
3. Describe facts about Canada
4. Fill in the blanks in "O Canada" (English and French version included)
5. Describe what a community is
6. Name characteristics of your community
7. Compare and contrast two community helpers

8. Match up community helpers and their tools
9. Describe what community helper you want to be when you grow up
10. Describe how we depend on the environment for survival
11. Identify your home address
12. Identify your phone number
13. Describe what globes and maps are
14. Compare and contrast globes and maps
15. Label the parts of a map
16. Label the parts of a globe

17. Use a map key to identify landmarks on a map
18. Place the seasons in order and describe how they influence your life
19. Identify needs of everyone around the world
20. Sort needs and wants
21. Discuss how commercials influence our thoughts

Cluster 3:

1. Unit title page
2. Describe your rights
3. Describe your responsibilities
4. Describe how people help each other
5. Compare and contrast Canada with another country (blank one to use with any country, or one to use with China)
6. Match Chinese New Year symbols
7. Describe the Chinese Zodiac

8. Sort things you find in the country and city
9. Class Project Idea: Identify connections to people all over the world
10. Practice problem solving using three steps
11. Describe how some famous Canadians have influenced our lives (Terry Fox, Marc Garneau, Wayne Gretzky, and Alexander Graham Bell)

12. Explain why rules and laws are important
13. Sort rules and laws
14. Sort tattling and reporting; Describe how to solve conflicts
15. Identify how to deal with bullying
16. Describe how to help with work
17. Sort public and private property

Click {here} or the picture below to check this unit out at TpT!

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