Tuesday 25 November 2014

Do You Subitize?

I had never heard the word subitizing until our new math curriculum came out a few years ago. Subitizing is the ability to "see" a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. We most commonly use this with dot patterns, fingers, and ten frames. 

My kiddos love to use ten frames and they are such a valuable math maniuplative! I decided to create a pack of math centres and games for them to use during our guided math time. In this pack there are 6 independent math by myself centres and 6 math with someone partner games. There is also a fluency mat for partner practice and list of additional card games to play with ten frames. And there are 6 sets of different coloured ten frame cards for you to print and cut out. 

Here are the 6 independent math centres:

1. Representing Numbers (representing numbers to 10) - Students choose a ten frame card and represent that number in different ways (number, word, tally marks, dots, money, number sentence, picture, and fingers).

2. Ten Frame Addition (adding to 20) - Students choose two ten frame cards and write an addition sentence. 

3. Ten Frame Ordering (ordering numbers to 10) - 
Students choose three ten frame cards and order them from least to greatest or greatest to least (you choose which skill).

4. Ten Frame Comparing (comparing numbers to 10) - 
Students choose two ten frame cards and circle the greatest or least number (you choose which skill).

5. Ten Frame Partners (tens partners) - 
Students choose a ten frame card and write a making ten addition sentence.

6. Spin & Trace/Spin & Write Numbers (number formation to 10) - Spin the ten frame spinner and practice tracing or writing numbers 1-10.

Here are the 6 partner math games:

1. Ten Frame Splat (identifying ten frames to 20) - Students take turns choosing a card and identifying the ten frames. If they get a SPLAT card, they must put back all their cards!

2. Ten Frame Bump (identifying ten frames to 12) - Students take turns rolling two dice and finding the matching the ten frame on the game board. 

3. Ten Frame Race (identifying ten frames to 10) - Students take turns naming ten frames. If they get it correct, they roll a die and move their game piece towards the finish.

4. Ten Frame Memory (matching ten frames and numbers to 20) - Students take turns flipping two cards over to find the matching numbers and ten frames.

5. Ten Frame Dominoes (matching ten frames, numbers, and number words to 20) - Students take turns playing a domino down, matching it to a ten frame, number, or number word.

6. Ten Frame Cover Up (adding with ten frames to 20) - Students take turns choosing two cards, adding them together, and covering up the space on their game board.

I hope your students like these activities as much as mine do!

Do you follow Krita Wallden of The Creative Chalkboard? If not, you should! Not only is her clipart absolutel adorable, but she is having a weekly Christmas giveaway with free clipart called Operation E.L.F. (Everyone Loves Freebies--how cute)! But she is also having  selfless challenge, where she challenges everyone to do some random acts of kindness! One of her suggestions was creating a teacher freebie! So I used her adorable freebie clipart and keeping with the ten frame theme, created a "Holiday Ten Frame Freebie" for you! It includes two sets of Christmas ten frames and a recording sheet. Students colour in the ten frame and write the number beside it. You can also use the ten frame cards to play games or use with my centres above! Click the picture below to grab it for free!

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