Monday 3 November 2014

Can I Come To School With You? {November Photo Contest}

Don't get me wrong... I absolutely love being on maternity leave! I love spending all day with my baby girl and not having to worry about the pressures of school for a whole year. I love getting to watch all of her growth and milestones. I love reading to her and playing with her and having daytime naps with her. :) But... (and it's a small but...) I miss the classroom! I miss the kiddos, I miss planning, I miss teaching! So I've decided to invite myself into all of your classrooms to give myself a little teaching fix!

The whole idea of this photo contest is to send me a picture of one of my products/freebies being used in your classroom and I will send you any item from my TpT store for free (max. $10 value). It could be a picture of something on the wall, a student using the product, or just a picture of the product in your classroom! You take a picture, I send you a free item. It's that easy!

You can enter the photo in three different ways:

{1.} Email--send me an email with the picture attached ( and which free item you would like

{2.} Facebook--post the picture on my Facebook page (First Grade Garden) and tell me which free item you would like and your email address

{3.} Instagram--make sure you follow me and then post the picture on your Instagram account and tag me in the comment (@1stgradegarden); include which free item you would like and your email address <-- this option only works if your posts are not set to private (go to "Edit Profile" and scroll to the bottom to turn off privacy)

In your email/post, make sure you include which item from my store you would like for free (maximum $10 value) and your email address so I can send you the item!

If you are worried about sharing pictures publicly, then email is your best option! I promise I will not repost or share any pictures!

Only one entry/free item per person.

You have all month to take a picture and submit. Last day to submit entries will be Nov. 30, 2014.

I will try and email you your free product the same day or next day. If you haven't heard from me in two days, send me an email letting me know. I might not have seen your post. :)

I hope you all take a few minutes to snap a picture for me! I'd love to take a peak inside all your awesome classrooms. Have a great week! :)

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