Sunday 22 July 2012

Apple-aholic {App Happy Linky}

I have always had a PC computer... never had a Mac... never learned how to use a Mac... But I am now officially an apple-aholic. I bought my first iPod touch several years ago when they first came out (*without* cameras!) Oh my. Then two years ago I bought myself an iPhone 4, which I would not be able to live without. Seriously... if I ever leave my phone at home, I feel completely naked without it. That's probably not a good thing, but I just love it so much! Here's the cute new case I bought it. I heart polka dots.

Oh, but it didn't stop there. In June, I used all my Scholastic bonus dollars and ordered an iPad from the Teacher's Bonus catalogue. I love it even more than my phone! I feel like a big dork sometimes, walking around with my iPhone and my iPad, but who cares!

I don't use my iPhone at school (unless I forget my camera), but I do use my iPod touch and I plan to use my iPad next year. I loaded all my school music onto my iPod touch (Jack Hartman, Dr. Jean, classical stuff, upbeat tunes, Pete the Cat, etc.) and have it sitting on a speaker dock, so I can access all my music in one place. It works great! As for the iPad... I have a folder of literacy activities and a folder of math activities. So during guided reading they can play reading games and during guided math they can play math games! I haven't decided if I will let three different students use it during the three rounds (about 15 minutes) or if I will just let my "Star of the Day" be the one to use it. I will have to think about that some more!

I saw this "iPad Promise" from Across the Hall in 2nd and knew I would have to do this at the beginning of the year!! I love the one that says "I promise to... treat it like a newborn baby". Too cute!

Finally I am to the point of this rambling blog post... I am linking up with Hope over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans for her App Happy Linky Party, to tell you about some awesome apps you can use in the classroom! Don't you just love the button for it?? Adorable!

So here are some of the apps that I found to use in the classroom next year...

1. Pete the Cat: School Jam (iPhone and iPad) {$0.99}

This is just a "for fun" app. I love Pete, so I couldn't resist. It's a look and find game, then after you can jam with Pete on the guitar. Maybe I can use this as a reward game?

2.Magnetic Letters (iPad only) {$0.99}

This is perfect for practicing sight words. There are upper case and lower case letters. You can also press the camera button to take pictures of the words they spelled.

3. MathTappers: Find Sums (iPhone and iPad) {free}

This is an awesome free game! It's all about compatible numbers. You can use any number from 5-20 or 100 and you have to press the two numbers that add up to that number. You keep finding partners until all the number boxes are gone.

4. Kid's Patterns (iPhone and iPad) {free; more levels for $0.99}

This is a cute patterning game. Students drag the missing object into place. It gets harder as they go along!

5. Sorting Machine (iPhone and iPad) {free; more levels for $0.99}

I really like this game! Students have to drag and drop the objects into the correct order. The rule changes each time. They have to sort by alphabet, numbers, fewer/more, tall/short, sequencing, and more!

6. Free Kids Counting Game (iPad) {free}

Free counting game. Choose up to 5, 10, or 20. If you search for "IKIDSPAD LLC", you will find more *FREE* games from this company--skip counting, word scramble, color and shapes... Check them all out!

7. Letter Muncher (iPhone and iPad) {$1.99}

This is a good game from practicing intial sounds. Students can listen to the sound (speaker by the CH) and drag the pictures that have that sound to the letter muncher or the pictures that don't have that sound to the recycling bin. Cute pictures!

8. Tacky the Penguin (iPhone and iPad) {$3.99}

Ok, this is the most I have spent on an app, but I love Tacky the Penguin and love this story app. They take the picture book and add a few fun effects to it! You can choose to read it yourself, have it read to you, or on auto play it even turns the pages for you! If you search the company "Oceanhouse Media", you will find TONS more books. They have Dr. Seuss, Little Critter, The Berenstain Bears, and other random stories. They are a lot of fun to read and I would love to stock up on all the fun stories, but I can see it adding up quickly. The books range from $0.99 to $5.99.  

9. Reading A to Z Books (iPhone and iPad) {free}

If you use the website Reading A-Z, you will love these! They have free books available. These ones don't have sound; you just read them to yourself. They have one free book from levels aa-P. They have more books you can download for $0.99 or you can download a whole library of one level for $6.99. Just search for "Language Technologies, Inc.".

Well there ya go! I hope you other Apple-loving teachers find something useful here! Love all this fun technology we get to use in our classrooms these days :)

Go check out the other app ideas at 2nd Grade Shenanigans!


  1. thanks for sharing. I really want a MAC.

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
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  2. Hi! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Head on over to my blog, Trendy Tech Tips, to accept it! :)

  3. I am so glad that you are a Mac convert! it's the only way to be. We have been an Apple home since 1990. Four of us - four Macs; when my husband and I went on a road trip, we took 2 laptops and 2 ipads (bit of a long story why we needed 2 ipads).
    I will have to check out your apps - and head over to the linky to see what gems others have found.
    I hope that you have a chance to click over an link up a Pete the Cat post.

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  4. THANK YOU for this post! I found it via Hope King's app linky. I pinned each of these apps, as I have been trying to figure out which apps to get for my iPads next year! THANK YOU!