Thursday 14 June 2012

Weekly Recap and Thank You Gifts

N is for Numbers.... we played some of our favourite math games, including Mario BUMP, Dinosaur Subtraction Board Game {free from Games 4 Learning}, Ten Frame War, and Domino Parking Lot {free from Kim Adsit}. I set up four stations and put on my new favourite classroom tool, the fun classroom timers. I use the egg timer, but there are other fun ones like a bomb, candle, and people running a race!

O is for Origami... we made a simple talking dog head and a hat. I got the instructions from {here}. They have great visuals and are rated easy, medium, and hard. Very good site!

P is for Picnic... one of my favourite (and easiest) activities so far! I just brought a few blankets to school and we sat outside in the grass to eat our lunch. The kiddos were so excited about this one! It was nice and relaxing to just hang out and eat our lunches together :)

Q is for Quiz... I put together a little Math Jeopardy with some simple review questions (addition, subtraction, shapes, skip counting, etc.). The game is in a PowerPoint format with links, so it would work great if I had a SMARTboard :( but alas, I just had the kids point to the white board and I clicked with my trusty mouse. Lots of fun and a great end of the year review!

I uploaded the PowerPoint file to GoogleDocs if you would like to use it. Just click the picture above to download it. You can change the categories and questions to suit your needs. The title at the top is the font Elise from Kevin & Amanda, but you can change it to anything you have. If you download the file, let me know if it works ok! This is my first time uploading a PowerPoint to GoogleDocs.

Today we also made a sweet treat for our dads for Father's Day! I made up some sugar cookie dough and in small groups we cut out a few shapes and "painted" them with milk and food colouring. I found the cute idea {here}. We stuffed the cookies in a ziplock bag and attached these cute labels to the bag. I made two different labels... just in case there are students who want to give their cookies to a grandpa or uncle.

 {Click to download.}

Tomorrow is "Read Outside" day. Should be a nice relaxing day! :)

So, I put together a few gifts for some of my staff. For my most helpful and amazing secretary, librarians, and resource teacher, I bought some delicious flavoured honey from a local farm. I made these cute bee labels to tie on with a ribbon. Sweet and simple!

{Click to download.}

For my fantastic EA's (who helped me soooo much this year), I bought them some adorable reusable cups and filled them with colourful, reusable ice cubes. I also attached a little book store gift card (who doesn't love a good book!) to the cute label!

{Click to download.}

Happy Friday tomorrow! 9 more days! Can't believe it! :D


  1. The ABC Countdown is such a creative idea! Love it! Those are some cute gifts you put together. The jars of honey is a great idea. :) Thanks for sharing your ideas & labels!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! We are having so much fun with the countdown. It makes this crazy time of year just a little bit more fun ;)


  2. I love your labels and gift ideas. Where did you find that round label? It's super cute.

    Miss Nelson's blog

    1. I just found it in your credits. Ooops I jumped ahead of myself.
      Thanks for the lovely label.

  3. I love the jeopardy game. I created one years ago when I taught 4th grade & my husband even built something that the students clicked for their answer. I'm going to have to look for that in my millions of boxes! I'm sure my first graders would love it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I'm about a year late but thanks for the jeopardy game!

    You Might Be a First Grader...