Saturday 23 June 2012

Skunks, More Summer Countdown, and Pete!

This post is a smattering of randomness from last week... I have three days with kids and two admin. days left, so that's how my brain is feeling these days... scattered!

Here's a pic of our skunk hats (head pattern from Cara's "Camping Capers" unit, just stapled to black construction paper strips). SO stinkin' cute! ;)

S is for Summer Birthdays (mine included), so I made some cupcakes, iced them in blue frosting, and put some little swimming teddies on top. The kids loved them!

U was suppose to be play Ultimate Frisbee outside, but our class got invited to the grand opening of the public library instead! So U became "Ultimate Trip to the Library". They had just renovated and have a brand new children's section! After some speeches, they had Geronimo Stilton and Clifford hanging around for the kids to see. Plus they handed out balloons, stickers, Geronimo Stilton cheese hats, bookmarks, and book bags! Then we got to sit down and enjoy some cupcakes and juice! It was a pretty fun afternoon. I had a lady come up to me and tell me how wonderfully my kids behaved. I was so proud of them! :)

V is for Vacation! I gave my students an 11x17" piece of paper and we folded it in half twice to make four squares. In the middle we wrote "Summer Vacation" and in each square we drew and wrote about four things we wanted to do this summer.

Here's my plan for the summer... lots of camping (starting next weekend), road trip to Ohio and Wisconsin, new puppy!!! (Bella needed a friend), and my birthday. 

The plans that I didn't tell my kiddies about were moving classrooms, planning for guided math (new), and building a deck on the front of our house. Whew! It's going to be a busy summer! :)

Look what arrived in the mail.... It's Pete!

Love that little blue cat! Since I'm moving to a brand new school and classroom, it gives me a chance to change things up and start fresh. I don't want to do a garden them again, so I decided to go with a Pete the Cat/Polka Dot theme... Stay tuned this summer as I start getting things ready for the new year! Here's my Pete poster for my back to school bulletin board... I think it will say "Stepping Into First Grade". I bought some cute shoe accents to write my students' names on.

Lastly, I got my students' gifts all ready for the last day... I'm going with Reagan's Candy Awards (unfortunately they aren't available in her store right now...) and little goody bag with a pencil, activity book, and suckers! Sweet and easy!

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