Wednesday 3 June 2015

June Currently

Wow, I cannot believe how fast time is going by. My baby girl is now 14 months old. I will be going back to school in 3 months after being off for close to a year and a half! Well a new month means a new Currently. Link up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening - Zoe is such a goof. Her new noise is panting like a dog. It's pretty entertaining.

Loving - The excavator was here yesterday to dig the hole for our basement. The foundation will be started in the next couple days, then the shell of the house will be moved on in about a month. Our builder hopes to have us in the house by end of August. Fingers crossed!!

Thinking - I feel like I am always grocery shopping. But we are out of the basics--bread, milk, bananas, Cheerios. At least Zoe is fun to shop with!

Wanting - Coffee. Made. Drank. Yum!

Needing - I have an online shopping addiction. I think I am currently waiting for 4 packages. Whoops! I'm always looking for classroom stuff and now new stuff for the new house!! I ordered some fabric for some curtains, chair covers, and pillow cases! And my Sit Spots arrived! I picked the six bright colours that are going to be with my chalkboard decor: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple!

Summer Lovin - It's going to be a busy summer! Three weddings of weekends... two close friends and my best friend! I'm in the wedding party for one; hubby's in the wedding party for one. Three bachelorette parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners... Busy, busy!

I also want to make time to take Zoe to the zoo and to go camping with her. We were supposed to go camping last weekend, but temperatures were at freezing at night. That's too cold to go camping with a baby!

Oh, and don't forget moving into our new house (at least we only have to move our stuff 100 feet) and getting back into the classroom. I'm redoing all my classroom decor with chalkboard and brights. Why not?

Here's my Pinterest board with some of the house projects I want to complete this summer: refinish dining room table and chairs, redo master bed and make headboard, five sets of curtains, paint a bookcase for Zoe's room, build a bench for the dining room table.... is that it?

Follow Amanda Ross (First Grade Garden)'s board Personal - To Do 2015 on Pinterest.

Farley is also raising money this Currently to help out the Wimberley Animal Adoption and Rescue. I have a soft spot for animals and couldn't imagine my poor animals not having a place to live or getting lost, so of course I had to help out!


  1. Hi Amanda! I have always wanted to buy sit spots, but I just can't decided on the colors or shapes!!! Ahh..decisions! It looks like you have a super busy, yet exciting summer ahead!!! I also need to stop online shopping, but how can you not love shopping in your pajamas while drinking coffee?!?!

    Have a great summer!!

  2. Yay! So many things to look forward to this summer! I, too, want to go to the zoo this summer. I can't wait for you to be in the new house as well!

  3. I love the brightness of your blog and those Sit Spots! Thanks for mentioning them, I've never heard of them but I am definitely going to google them now.Thanks for sharing!

    I Heart My Kinder Kids