Wednesday 24 June 2015

Dare to Dream!

It is week two of the TpT Seller Challenge hosted by the ladies over at Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista. This week's challenge is called Dare to Dream where we have to share our dreams for TpT!

My goal isn't to work on TpT full time. I need to be in the classroom. I was born to be a teacher. It's genetic. (Like my addiction to books and school supplies. I know exactly where those came from.) My goal is to use TpT and my resources to make my teaching life just a bit easier, so that at 4;00pm when the students leave, I can be out of there shortly after to spend as much time with my baby girl as I can. I have enjoyed my almost year and a half mat leave with my girl, but I've also spent naptimes and evenings continuing to work on school stuff. I just can't stop! It will be hard to leave her in the care of someone else, but I know she will enjoy the time playing with other children and I will continue working the job I love, inspiring someone else's child to love learning as much as I do. TpT has allowed me to take an extra four months unpaid leave after my one-year mat leave, so I am definitely grateful for that!

When I first started this little blog, my goal was to really document my adventures in first grade for myself and then hope that at least someone, somewhere got a few ideas to use in their own classroom! I started TpT for similar reasons... I wanted to create resources that worked for me and my classroom and then share them with anyone else that would find them useful. There weren't a lot of Canadian bloggers out there at the time and I wanted to create something that fit my curriculums and my teaching style.

Reading other teaching blogs and reflecting on my own teaching on my blog has definitely inspired me to be a better teacher. I can't thank the blogging word enough for that. :)

What are your TpT dreams?


  1. Hey, I'm Canadian, too! I'm from Alberta, but I moved to Arizona to escape the cold. That year mat leave is pretty lucky! I hope TpT makes all your dreams come true! :)

    The Sharpened Pencil

  2. Hi Amanda!
    Wanting to be a better teacher is a sign of an awesome teacher!

    Made with Love

  3. Hi Amanda!
    Loved reading your blog post! While you go back to the classroom, I'll be leaving it to stay home with my little boy. I sure am going to miss it because like you I was born to be a teacher! Take care and see you at the next challenge.

    Antoinette :)
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

  4. Just stopping by from the seller challenge. Lovely blog. I know what you mean about staying in the classroom. I am sure I am a teacher first and a seller second. Great blog :)

  5. Your post is so real! Being a SAHM or working from home FT is not for me either. : )

  6. You have such a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me!