Wednesday 4 June 2014

We ♥ Books

Hi. My name is Amanda. I am book addict. I get it from my mom. Not only do I love reading books myself, but I love buying books for school, and now I also love buying books for my Zoe! She already has a small collection of books and we like to enjoy a cuddle with a good book too. I'm thinking I may need to buy her this onesie from The Lesson Plan Diva Teacher Tees. It says "I will be reading soon because my mommy is a TEACHER." Hehe.

Anywho, I am here today to join in Mrs. Jump's new Tuesday (yes, I know today is Wednesday...) linky party W♥ Books! It's a place to share about some new or old favourite books. Click the picture below to find some new books to add to your shopping carts!

The book I'm sharing today is new one I bought for Zoe, from a favourite author of mine: Robert Munsch! The book is called "Hugs" and it is the first book Robert Munsch wrote that is only available as a board book.

It is about a girl named Thea who gets mad at her mom, so she takes her little brother and they go for a walk. Her brothers needs a hug, so Thea finds a snail, a skunk, a porcupine, and a gorilla to give him a hug, but none of those hugs were right. When they get home, they realize there is nothing quite like a mommy hug. :) Super cute story! 

What are some of your favourite books? Link up!

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  1. My daughter love Munsch--so we are going to read them this summer!