Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Around the World Make Over!!

It started simple enough... Make the scrapbook look a bit nicer.... Then I thought about adding a couple more countries.... A couple turned into six... And now I present to you, the updated, made over "Christmas Around the World" unit!

It used to be a 9-day unit, starting in the USA/Canada, visiting 6 countries, and ending up in the North Pole. Now it is a 15-day unit that visits 12 countries! I added Sweden, Holland, France, Italy, England, and the Philippines. The great thing about this unit is that you can pick and choose which countries you want to do, so the unit can be as short or as long as you wish! I only have time to do two weeks this year, so I'm only going to be picking 8 or 9 countries to visit.

I added scrapbook pages, suitcase stickers, and craft ideas for the 6 new countries.

I wanted to make the scrapbook a bit cuter, so I updated it with a cute border and new graphics.

This was one of the first units I created when I started my TpT and it is my best selling product! If you have already purchased it, log in to your TpT account, go to My Purchases, and download the new, updated file. I think you will happy with the changes! If you have not purchased the unit and would like to, click the pictures below to check it out at TpT.

Oh, and don't forget! TpT is having a big cyber sale on December 2 and 3! Time to checkout those items on your wishlist. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I'm so excited to see you update this unit! This year my school's International Day country focus was Holland and since we live so close to the Philippines (I'm in China!), my kinders are very interested in learning more about their culture and such. Add this to my wish list! :)

    Cheers To School