Tuesday 12 February 2013

100 Day!

Why is it that Groundhog Day, 100 Day, Valentine's Day, and I Love to Read month **ALL** have to be in the same month?? Seriously. Couldn't we spread them our a bit more? January is pretty empty. Put one there. Same with May. Not much going there! :) I totally skipped Groundhog Day this year. It was on a Saturday anyways, so oh well. Maybe next year!

Our 100 Day celebration today was a success though! We started the day doing our calendar journals, seeing where 100 steps would take us, seeing how many times we could do things in 100 seconds, listening to some Mr. Harry's Kindergarten videos, and reading some 100 Day books!

Then we made our hats! Oh boy. I had a parent volunteer staple ten coloured strips to a white sentence strip last week. Then today students put ten different things on each strip to make 100 things. They were some pretty crazy hats! We put bingo dabbers, stamps, dot stickers, marker designs, and square stickers. That was the last time I used dollar store stickers!! Stickers kept falling off all day long. They didn't stick to the hats, but they sure stuck to the floor! I had to borrow the custodian's scraper to get them off. It was ridiculus! But the kids loved the hats, so I guess it was worth it. :)

 These are the labels we glued on the front. Super cute! Click the picture to download a copy for yourself.

The kids loved our pinterest inspired door sign! I had to duck to get in the classroom each time, but I guess it's the price we pay.

In the afternoon, the first and second grade teachers each put together a hundred day activity and the classes each rotated to the other classrooms. In my classroom we made gumball machines and used q-tips to paint 100 gumballs. In the other classes students made fruit loop neclaces, crowns, 100 chart mystery pictures, and towers out of 100 dixie cups. They had a blast! I, on the other hand, was exhausted. 130 gumball machines later... I was ready for nap! Which I did have this evening. It was wonderful.

Hope your 100 Day was a success, too! Rest up. In two days, it's Valentine's Day! Woo woo!

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