Tuesday 29 May 2012

E is for Experiment and Fun in the Sun Math Centres

Yesterday we had some doodling time for "D". I borrowed some drawing books from the library and let the kids have some free drawing time. My bunch of kiddos this year really seem to enjoy drawing, so this was a lot of fun for them. Today was experiment day! I remember seeing this experiment back near St. Patrick's Day from Fabulous in First and I thought it would be fun to do at the end of the day!

We placed a few skittles in a bowl of water and watched to see what happend. It was pretty neat! We made some predictions to start with and then wrote about our experiment after.

Pretty simple and the kids could have stared at those skittles for hours! (Plus we got to eat the left over Skittles, so that was fun too!!) Click the picture to get your own recording sheet.

border from Crisdam Designs (http://crisdamdesigns.com/blog/)

We are down to 21 days now! I created my last set of math centres for the year and I tried to make them super engaging to keep the kids focused during these last few weeks of school! Click the picture to check out my "Fun in the Sun: Summer Themed Math Centres".

These centres will cover some review concepts of the year like ordering numbers to 100, subtraction from 20, addition to 12....

...division/fair sharing, part-part-whole (number bonds), addition and subtraction fact sorting...

...repeating patterns, counting by 2's to 60, and identifying 2D and 3D shapes.

If you are still in school like me, hopefully these will come in handy! Otherwise, save them for next year! I can't wait to use them. I love the colourful beach and ocean clipart from KPM Doodles!!

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. Your summer centers are adorable and a wonderful review! I am loving your end of the school year countdown, what fun for you and your kiddos!
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    1. We're having a lot of fun! I think {I hope} it's making the time go by faster! :)


  2. That skittles experiment sounds like a lot of fun!! Thanks for the observation sheet. Great job on your Summer Centers! It looks like it has many helpful ideas for reviewing math. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I just pinned your skittles experiment. Thanks very much!

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