Saturday 3 December 2011

Math Stations 3 - Christmas Style!!

Happy Weekend, everbody! It is now December and officially time to pull out all the fun Christmas activities! I have been so inspired by all the great ideas out there. But with only 3 weeks until Christmas break, I know there is no way I will be able to fit in all the stuff I want to. Oh well, I'll save the extra ideas for next year! :)

Well, I have done it! I have ventured into the world of TpT. I have created my first EVER TpT item for sale (plus two freebies!!). It is a package of nine fun, Christmas themed math centers. They cover topics such as addition to 10, skip counting by 5s, skip counting by 10s, patterning, bar graphs, more or less, and  non-standard measurement.

I have started the math stations in our class and the kids are LOVING them. Although, they would probably love anything if I slapped a picture of Santa or a gingerbread man on it! Gotta love first grade! Here's a peek at the stations included in my pack.

Station #1:  Christmas Light Patterns

Students pull a pattern card and colour in the pattern on their sheet.

Station #2: Christmas Sums of 10

Students shake a cup of Christmas double-sided counters to find different ways to make ten.

Station #3: Christmas Roll & Tally

Students roll a Christmas die and keep track of their rolls with tally marks. They count their tallies after, and decide which picture was rolled the MOST and LEAST.

Station #4: Gingerbread House Graphing

Students count the number of candies on the gingerbread house and complete a bar graph.

Station #5: Christmas Measurement

Students use unifix cubes to measure the various Christmas characters.

Station #6: Gingerbread Addition (Facts to 10)

Students figure out addition sentences, using gingerbread manipulatives on a cookie sheet.

** Note to all: Do not purchase glitter foam shapes for this station. Glitter ends up EVERYWHERE! I have now replaced them with regular foam shapes! :)

Station #7: Which Is More?

Students flip over two number cards (from 1-30) and figure out which number is more and which is less.

Station #8: Santa's Workshop Count by 10's

Students choose a toy from Santa's workshop. They figure out how much money the toy costs by counting the dimes by 10. There are Canadian and American versions of the cards included in the package.

Station #9: Christmas Tally Mark Count by 5s

Students count the number of tally marks on the card by skip counting by 5s.

All of these stations are included in my package on TpT for only $6.00. 
Click the picture to visit my store.

Here is another fun, Christmas math activity for you to try. It is a game called cover up. Scattered on the page are the numbers from 2-12. Students roll 2 dice, add them together, and cover up the sum. The first person to cover up all their numbers is the winner. This can be played individually, with partners, or in small groups. You can also allow the students to choose whether they want to add or subtract the numbers. It is a fun game to have on hand when students finish their work early, or as an additional center. There is a snowman and a Christmas tree version. Both are available for FREE from my TpT store. Click the pictures to download!

Enjoy! I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirits! I have a weekend full of Christmas shopping to look forward to.


  1. Welcome to the world of TPT!! I'm part of that new world too. Thanks for sharing the freebies.
    First Grade Delight

  2. Wow! Looks great! I'll check it out later today;) Congrats on joining TPT.

    Grade ONEderful
    (Who's having a $25 giveaway)

  3. These look fantastic!!
    Jennifer A.

  4. Thanks for checking them out everybody! :)

  5. These are genius, easy, and educational. Thank you for sharing!!!