Monday 3 August 2015

Monday Made It - August 3

It's been a busy week! Here's what I've been up to...

I finished up some random labels for my classrooms. First I made my students' pencil baskets. I want each student to have their own basket to keep their crayons, a pencil, an eraser, scissors, and a gluestick. These are items will we use several times a day. I found black pencil baskets at Dollarama and the colourful cups are from IKEA. The name tags are a freebie you can find {here}.

I also bought new orange containers for my listen to reading mp3 players and made cute little circle labels for them. You can read about how I set up my listening station {here}. And you might have seen my table caddies on Instagram or Facebook, but I love how they turned out! These caddies will hold supplies for the whole table such as mini whiteboards and markers, glue bottles, markers, and some of our notebooks.

And lastly, each table will have a matching Tidy Tub to keep scrap paper in when we are doing crafts or interactive notebook pages. I had posted some free chevron labels a while back, but decided I needed some cute chalkboard ones.

You can download these freebies, as well as some other randoms by clicking the picture below.

I finally took out my sewing machine for another project that was on my to do list. I had 3 old pillows from my classroom that were looking a bit faded, so I bought 3 new filler pillow from IKEA ($5 each!) and sewed up some pillowcases with my rainbow chevron fabrics (from I just LOVE how they turned out! The colours look awesome together! :)

Another item to check off my to do list was to dye my old blue 100 pocket chart black! I used Jennifer's tutorial on First Grade Blue Skies. It worked out pretty good. I had the same problem as her that the thread doesn't dye, but you don't noticed it much. Someone on her blog suggested colouring the thread with a black sharpie, so I might actually try that and see how it works! Oh, I also tried dye-ing the red straw counting pocket chart. It did not work. Oh well, I will have to come up with something else. lol.

And last for today's Monday Made It. I saw these adorable sight word pocket folders from Miss Peluso's Kindergarten and though they were just adorable! I don't do individual sight words or anything, but I thought of a different way I could use them!

I decided that these year I want to try something different for classroom management. I'm getting rid of the clip chart and trying out my own take on A Teeny Tiny Teacher's gold tag system which you can read about {here}. She hands out gold tags. I came up with "Bengal Bucks" because our school mascot is a Bengal and I have a stuffed tiger from WWF that will be our classroom mascot for the year, so it seemed fitting. I will hand out Bengal Bucks for positive behaviour and students will be able to turn them in for various "rewards". I'm going to stick with non-tangible items such as work with a stuffy all day, bring in show and tell, sit anywhere, etc. I haven't quite figured out all the logistics of this part yet, but I do know I needed somewhere for my students to keep their Bengal Bucks, so I took one pocket folder and turned it into two wallets! I used sticky velcro dots to keep the flap closed. I taped the sides with some orange duct tape to reinforce it and placed a sticker label on the front. So cute!

I promise I'll do a post on classroom management after my Daily Schedule series and will go into ore details about how I am planning to set up my Bengal Buck system.

That's all I've got for today! Don't forget there's a big sale going on right now! 20% off everything and an extra 10% off when you use the promo code BTS15.


  1. I love your chevron pillows! So cute!!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. The pillows....SWOON! They are adorable. I love how you dyed the pocket chart. I hadn't ever thought of doing that. I would love a black one!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'