Saturday 3 January 2015

Interactive Science Journal Bundle Finished Up!

Ok, I just finished up the last Interactive Science Journal pack for Weather and Seasons! It is the last unit in the bundle of four. If you have already bought the bundle, go to TpT to your purchases page and redownload the bundle for free.

These are the lessons/outcomes covered in this unit:

1. Unit title page idea
2. Days of the week 
3. Cycle of seasons
4. Name two things the sun gives us
5. Sort day time things and night time things

6. Sequence events of a day
7. Explore how shadows are created
8. Test the sun's position over the course of a day (science experiment)
9. Record temperature throughout the day
10. Match how living things change throughout the day
11. Describe characteristics of the four seasons

12. Describe how we prepare for the seasons
13. Describe how a meteorologist helps us prepare for seasonal changes
14. Name features of buildings that keep us comfortable in all the seasons
15. Sort clothing for each season
16. Describe how to stay safe during extreme weather
17. Describe how to participate in activities year-round
18. Describe how living things prepare for winter
19. Design a bird feeder (design process)

Check out the bundle here:

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