Sunday 3 August 2014

Blast Off Back to School Sale and New Products!

First up, if you haven't heard yet, it's the big TpT Back to School sale! 28% off everything in my store when you use the promo code BTS14. Click the picture to go check out my store!

If you follow me on Facebook, you got a sneak peak of some new products I added to my store this past week. All of these products will be included in the Back to School sale, even the two new mega bundle packs!! First up, three new math centre packs.

First Grade Halloween Math Centres practice skills such as number order, non-standard measurement, sorting patterns, ten frames, comparing numbers, one more, teen number formation, subtraction, and odd & even numbers. Click any of the pictures to check it out on TpT.

First Grade Fall Math Centres work on representing numbers (tally marks & dots), ordering numbers, estimation & area, skip counting by 20's, number order, comparing sets, making ten, tally marks, and creating repeating patterns. Click one of the pictures to check it out.

First Grade Camping Math Centres.... I love having a camp-themed week at the end of the year, so these are perfect review centres for the end of the year! The skills covered are balanced equations, counting on, addition, fact families, extending repeating patterns, subtraction, skip counting by 2's, doubles plus one, and number words. Click a picture to check it out.

If you are looking to get math stations set up for the entire year, I have all 11 of my seasonal math centre packs bundled together in one convenient pack. If you buy the mega bundle you get my Back 2 School, Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Winter, Valentine, March, Easter, Spring, Summer, and Camping packs! Each pack has 9 centres, so that's 99 centres in total! You also save 11 bucks when you buy them all together. (If you wait until the 4th or 5th you can get an extra 28% off that price as well!!)

I also bundled my matching word work centres. Save $10 when you buy the mega bundle! That's a total of 55 word work centres to go with your Daily 5 or literacy centre time for the entire year!

And last up, I created a fun rainbow polka dot classroom decor set. This set includes posters for the alphabet, numbers to 20, number words to 120, colours, 2D and 3D shapes, months, days of the week, and a set of calendar numbers. There are also polka dot pennant banners for each set of posters and welcome to __ grade banner! Most of the posters/pennants are full page (8.5x11") but you can scale your printing to make them whatever size you want... print two to a page to get half-sized posters! The months and days of the week are half page (4.25x11") and the calendar numbers are 2.5x2.5". This pack is 190 pages of polka dot fun!! Click any of the pictures to check it out on TpT.

This pack actually coordinates perfectly with my best-selling phonics cards. The alphabet line from the above pack uses the same pictures as the phonics cards for a cohesive look. The only difference is the above alphabet has proper lined letter formation and the consonants only have one picture and the vowel posters have two (short and long sounds).

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