Wednesday 20 March 2013

Easter Math Centres {New}

Yes, it is way past my bedtime but I have been working so hard on this new pack I just had to share!! I have been a very lucky girl... yesterday and today were both snow days! I had lots of time to work at home. And that also means there are only three teaching days left until Spring Break! Woo hoo!

When we get back from Spring Break I am planning to pull out all my Easter things! I didn't have any Easter math centres, so I put together this new pack of nine centres. Click the picture below to check it out at TpT.

1. Egg-cellent Patterns {repeating patterns} 
2. Number Order Hunt {ordering numbers to 30}
3. Backwards Bunnies {counting backwards from any number up to 100}
4. Counting On Eggs {addition to 20 using the counting on strategy}
5. What’s in the Basket? {number words to 20}
6. Egg-y Measurement {non-standard measurement using egg rulers}
7. Billy & Betty Bunny {addition to 20 (or 12) with manipulatives}
8. Yummy Peep Subtraction {subtraction from 18 using a picture}
9. Easter Roll & Graph {bar graph}

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