Sunday 4 November 2012

November Currently (already??) and New Products!

Wow, sorry I have been such a bad blogger. I'm trying to get on here at least once a week, but some weeks are harder than others! We have been super busy at school... no Halloween activities or parties (which was actually kind of nice, but I did miss dressing up!) but lots of other things to occupy our time. I couldn't believe Farley already had her next currently up and running... I'm trying to deny that it is November already! Report cards, parent teacher conferences.... eeeek!!! Go check out the other Currently's at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Don't forget the rule of three!!

So here's what we were up to this week. Even though we didn't celebrate Halloween, we did study pumpkins. We did this cute pumpkin life cycle craft.... it did take a lot of steps to get it finished, but I think it was worthwhile. First we painted a paper plate and a half orange, then we coloured the pumpkin life cycle pieces from A to Z Teacher Stuff found here and glued them to a vine, and then we put it all together to make these cute pumpkins!

We practiced making patterns with these foam leaf stickers I bought from the dollar store. This worksheet was from the blog Just Add Clipart. The kids really enjoyed this! I think I will pull it out for each holiday... just buy some different seasonal stickers! :)

I think I have mentioned how weak my class is before, but it's pretty much like having a class of Kindergarteners. So when I find simple math centres that keep them engaged... woo hoo!! One of the most popular math stations is PLAY DO!! I had my numbers out (posted last year here), but wanted to extend it a bit further. So I created these number mats for the numbers 1-20. Students can create the number and fill in the ten frames to show the number. I also created mats for 2D shapes (circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon).

You can check them out at TpT for only $2. Just add Play Do for an instant math centre! Click the picture below to check them out.

Our author of the month for October was Melanie Watt. She is a Canadian author, which I love, and her books are too adorable. If you haven't read the Scaredy Squirrel or Chester books, you must go check them out now! I have a monthly author study bulletin board that I update each month. Can you tell it was Kevin Henkes before? Hehe... darn fading paper! Here is my Melanie Watt display:

I created some posters with some facts about Melanie Watt to display. We read all of her books... there are six Scaredy Squirrel books (the Christmas one is new.... we will read that one in December!), three Chester books, Augustine, Leon the Chameleon, You're Finally Here!, and Have I Got a Book for You! Love them all. Here are some activities we did: a Scaredy Squirrel craft, text-to-self connections about things we're afraid of, and our own emergency kits!

I combined these activities (and more) into a pack for you. If you liked my Clifford Author Study pack, you will love this one too! There are 65 pages of Melanie Watt fun! There are a bunch of activities to go with the Scaredy Squirrel books, Chester books, and other Melanie Watt books. Click the pictures below to check it out at TpT.

That's it for now! I promise to be back again soon. Next week we are doing some 2D shape activities that I can't wait to share. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. I love Big Bang! Sadly, I can & DO recite most of them! At least I have a few friends at work that are as hooked as I am & we have all these "inside jokes" because of it!
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  2. Cute, cute, cute activities! Thanks for sharing!

    I can totally relate! I try to blog at least once a week but it's becoming so difficult for me. I don't know how everyone else does it. I would love a vacation as well.

    We also weren't able to have any Halloween parties as we've done in the past...kinda stale huh?

    Color Me Kinder

  3. Love your blog! I am your newest follower! I was dreading our Halloween party this year but it turned out great. A full moon plus Kindergarten students dressed up in costumes equals a crazy worn out teacher, lol. This year wasn't bad. My parents actually commented on how well behaved my class was during the party. It was Friday that was a mad house. They were coming off of their candy highs and were wild!!!! I came home and took a two hour nap. ;) I don't see how people blog so much either. I would love to be able to blog more.

    Mrs. Janelle

  4. I LOVE Big Bang!! My husband and I started watching it a year ago on our anniversary trip, and have loved it ever since!!

  5. All of your activities look so cute! Sometimes I wish I taught the little ones instead of my 6th graders just so I could use all of this cute stuff that circulates around the blogs. Found you through Farley's linky party! :)
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  6. All of you stuff looks super duper cute. I love those mats. I cannot believe that it is already November either. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The Big Bang Theory is such a fun show to watch on lazy weekends... :)

    Found you from Farley's Currently!


  8. I found you through the Currently linky party. I love the Big Bang Theory. It's always fun show to watch. You have a lot of cute activities. Just started foollowing you!

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  9. Your author study looks very tempting. I love Scaredy Squirrel!
    Looking forward to seeing your poppy wreath:)

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  10. LOVE Scaredy Squirrel! I am adding it to my cart!
    First Grade @ Storybook Cafe