Monday 28 November 2011

50th Day

So it seems like my school is slightly behind everyone elses. We just had our 50th day of school this past Wednesday. After seeing all the super cute ideas out there, I knew I had to have a 50's themed party! Unfortunately Wednesday was crazy... we went skating all morning and had parent teacher conferences at night, so no time for fun 50's themed activities that day! We decided to have our 50's day on Friday (hey! 52 is still in the fifties!) and it was tiring a blast! I decorated the room with these cute spirly records that I got from the party store.

I gave each of the students a little baggie at the beginning of the week that they had to fill up with 50 items to bring to school. We had cheerios, q-tips, pennies, buttons.. you name it! Students had to count out their objects in groups of 5 and place them on the mat I gave them. Then we all counted our collections by 5's. We also put two groups together so we could count by 10's. You can download the mat here if you wish.

We had a fun little photo op. I took each kid's photo in the car to use in their end of year scrap book. They turned out so cute! Look at this cool dude:

I was inspired by Miss E over at Eberhart's Explorers to do a picture sort of things from the 1950's and things from today. I made my own set of matching picture cards (so every student had a card). I handed them out randomly and students had to find their "partner". For example, the student with the saddle shoe was partners with the skater shoe. Each pair came up to the front and we decided which item belonged in the 50's and which one was from today. You can download my cards from here.

The records at the bottom of the chart are a counting by 5's activity I got from Mrs. Magee over at First Grade Brain. After the sorting activity, we did this little craftivity and writing activity from Mrs. Carroll's adorable "Cruisin' Through the 50 First Days of School" unit. As you can tell, my class is still working on the whole "follow directions and work neatly" thing.

When they were finished their activity, they played this "Roll a Record" game (also form Mrs. Carroll's unit).

To top the day off, we did (another fabulour Mrs. Carroll idea) some interactive writing on how to make a root beer float. These were directions straight from their mouths! I had a mom volunteer come to make the root beer floats, so as the kiddies were working on their own versions, they could each go up to the table and help make their float. Too fun! The kids loved their root beer float books. One of my little boys was so excited. He said, "It's like my own recipe book!" :)

Lots of fun was had! I am glad that week is finally finished though. I am very jealous of all you American bloggers and your Thanksgiving break. We had no such break here in Canada, and we still have four weeks to go until Christmas break! I can't wait to pull out the decorations and Christmas crafts this month though! Good night everybody!

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